How to use Flipgrid for students

Flipgrid is a tool that enables teachers and students to communicate effectively in a digital classroom. It is a platform that makes distance and e-learning possible. Discussion among educators and learners in Flipgrid is usually through video. With Flipgrid, there could be the absence of physical interaction between instructors and students, and yet learning will still take place as effectively as ever. It is one of the most powerful remote learning applications. Students can communicate with their instructors and record their answers to questions. This post is going to go into detail about how to use Flipgrid for students to communicate with their educators.

Overview of using Flipgrid for students

Flipgrid is a simple application that gives teachers the ability to post educational content in video formats for students to access. Students upon seeing the videos and text will have to respond. This is made possible with students making videos on the software and uploading them as a response to the teachers’ videos. All students need to use Flipgrid is a camera and an internet-connected device and they will be able to establish communications from anywhere in the world.

Flipgrid for students: Homepage

With a Google or Microsoft account, students can sign up on Flipgrid with ease. Once they join the platform, face-to-face interaction with educators and other students is possible. This type of learning is quite common nowadays and it has proven to be a very effective mode of learning. There is an absence of pressure which is not so in a traditional classroom. Students are given the time to process their materials, go over them and then respond in their own time. This learning process makes classroom engagement possible.

With the many tools and features that Flipgrid has, it also encourages students to be very creative. Students can add emojis, stickers, and many more while interaction is going on. They can express themselves more openly without feeling anxious or pressured. Another great thing about this application is that it works well with other software like Microsoft Teams and Google classroom.

Getting started with Flipgrid for students

Flipgrid is available for use by students and educators. The first step to join this wonderful platform as a student is to visit their official website.  Once there, click on the Enter your join code button and the next page will request the code. After doing this, you will have to enter your username to continue learning. As simple as that!

What is the Flipgrid join code?

This is a unique code that is automatically generated for teachers after creating a topic or a group. The teacher will then give this code to students so that they can use it to join the class. So, students that want to use Flipgrid must request this code from their educator. This code is usually a combination of characters.

Features of Flipgrid available to students

Below are some of the best features that make engagement and interaction possible on Flipgrid:

  • Grids: This term on the Flipgrid platform is used to refer to a group of students. A class could be referred to as a grid. A teacher can customize a flip code here and then share it with students.
  • Shorts: This is a simple tool that lets educators and learners create, edit, and enhance their videos. They can cut or add more clips using this tool. It is a video editing tool that lets users get super creative.
  • Topic Guests: This is yet another feature on Flipgrid that lets instructors integrate more than their own topics. They can use the guest mode to allow input from others. This is usually helpful for educators that want to invite special speakers.
  • Video Moderation: This is one great feature of Flipgrid that ensures teachers’ approval of all content submitted by students. When this setting is turned on, educators will have to approve a student’s submission before approving it to be seen by others. However, this can limit the freedom that students enjoy on Flipgrid. Educators can turn off this setting once trust has been established with learners.

Pricing of Flipgrid for students

The best thing about Flipgrid is that it is 100% free and unlimited!

Students can access unlimited topics, groups, and videos. Every feature on the platform is available for use without charging any fee.  There is free engagement with numerous educators from all around the world.


In summary, Flipgrid is a great platform that makes distance and online learning possible. Flipgrid connects students and instructors even if they are miles apart. It is an entertaining, engaging, and intuitive application. Students can get Flipgrid easily and begin to learn.


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