How to get Salesforce for students

SalesForce is software available for students, staff, and educational institutions. The software is well-known for providing the tools and functions for businesses to excel and improve productivity. SalesForce is a known powerful solution for businesses around the world. However, the software is also highly beneficial to education. There are hundreds of institutions that are using SalesForce for their daily activities. The software is persistent in shaping the education journey of generations to come.

They have tools and features that will ensure the possibility of that. SalesForce provides a unified platform for education to stay on top of technologies. SalesForce is helpful in unifying students, educators, and faculty using a single platform. It enables connectivity for students and helps in their educational advancement. They can also use it for student recruiting, advancement, and building a community. Their services are specially tailored to meet up the needs and demands of students.

salesforce for students

How to get SalesForce for students

SalesForce has an education program for students and teaching staff. It is available for higher education and k-12 students. You can easily become a part of this community. The first thing you need to do is navigate to the official website of SalesForce education.  When on the page, you can either choose to try the software for free or watch a demo. To do the latter, click on the watch demo blue button on the left side of the page.

Students that want to get SalesForce will be able to see how it can help to drive them to success. The demo will guide you on how to customize students’ needs to match the evolving needs of their institutions. It will also show how student data can be unified on a single CRM platform. Fill out the form on the page and wait for the next instructions. You will be able to know how SalesForce can help the education industry.

Another way to get SalesForce for students is to use the free trial. It does not require any credit card information and there is no reason to install any software. You will have to answer questions asked on the page to proceed. Once the trial period is over, you will have to commit to a plan. SalesForce education is not free for students or staff. We will discuss their subscription plans later.

Pricing of SalesForce for students

Students can get SalesForce for free for a short period of time. The pricing plans of SalesForce for students is not available to the public. This is due to the fact that the software is customized to meet the needs of students individually. So, to get the correct pricing, you need to contact their representatives or a vendor. You can do this on their page. Their experts are available to chat at any time. You can ask them questions and they will recommend the best plan to suit your needs. There is also a number on their site where you can reach out to them. This is for those that will want to verbally communicate with them.

SalesForce can provide you with suitable software for students. You will get the one that will suit the needs of your institution and help you in your academic journey. The software will provide all data that will transform students’ engagement in the classroom.

Benefits of SalesForce for all students

The main purpose of SalesForce ED is to place students at the centre of everything. They provide tools that will equip students when they are outside the classroom. The line of communication for parents, students, and alumni with the school is always open. SalesForce provides a connected experience during the education journey for everyone involved. Additionally, the platform also has tools that help to simplify the process of student recruitment into an educational institute. Schools will have the ability to recruit the right students and this will help to increase the recruiter’s productivity. There are hundreds of schools searching for the right applicants through social media. SalesForce will help them to simplify this process and improve performance.

SalesForce will help to deliver a customized learning experience due to students’ needs and demands. They can stay in touch with their learning in or outside of the classroom. SalesForce ED is a great tool for students and every institution needs to optimize its full power.


SalesForce is software that is suitable for students, educators, and also schools. The contribution that this software has largely contributed to education is limitless. It provides a single platform that can help in building lifelong learning for everyone involved. Students at every level can use SalesForce to capture the entire journey of their earnings. It is software that helps to integrate technology into education.

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