How to get Canvas app for students

Canvas is an online-based learning app that students can use for learning. It is a learning management system and allows teachers to manage online learning and provide the best service to students. This platform help students to develop skills and achieve their academic goals.  The canvas app has tons of features and tools that allow the creation and management of courses. It is very easy and simple to sign up for this platform. This post will guide you on how to get the Canvas app for students.

Canvas app is a learning management system that aims to improve and enhance online learning. Schools can use this platform to manage digital learning effectively. Teachers can also use it to access tools and create materials. Students using Canvas app can engage with courses and interact with their educators efficiently. They can interact with their mates and teachers on their phones anywhere.

Canvas app for students

Students can create groups for participation while using the Canvas app, they can submit projects and assignments. After submission, teachers can grade their work and they will be able to access it. Before students can use this software, they need to have an account with them. The Canvas application works across every platform. Students can access it on desktops, Android or IOS devices.

How to get Canvas app for students

Canvas is an easy app and students can start using it easily. What you need to do is navigate to in your web browser. Boldly on the screen, you will notice that you can begin using Canvas for free. To do this, fill the form on the right side of the page.

Enter your first and last name. After doing this, choose your account type from the drop-down list. You will have to choose a student account. Once you have done this, click on the Submit button. Now follow the given instructions so that your account can be opened successfully.

You can also create an account using your Canvas Students App and you can do that by doing this:

  • Download the app from your phones store
  • Launch it and use the “Find My School” button to find your institution.
  • Type in your school’s name and login information
  • Log in after doing this

Features of Canvas app for students

Students can access the Canvas app in or outside the classroom. The software provides great features that make learning easy. They include:

  • Using to-do-lists and calendars to track course works
  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Watching videos
  • Submitting assignments and coursework
  • Discussions
  • Push notifications
  • Viewing course materials and grades

There are also tools and features that make it great for educators and some of them are:

  • Web conferencing: This is a tool that lets teachers set a meeting for students to have online discussions. Here they can interact on whatever challenges or difficulties they may be facing.
  • Outcomes: Teachers can add outcomes to rubrics so that they can be able to track the achievement and skills of all students.
  • Collaboration: This is a tool that gives students the chance and opportunity to access materials and also interact with other course users.
  • Feedback: When using the Canvas app, educators can provide students with feedback on their projects or assignments.
  • Sharing: They can share course materials with students using modules, quizzes, discussions, assignments, and much more.

Pricing of Canvas

The pricing of the Canvas app is not released information. The subscription plan however is based on various factors. They charge one-time and an annual fee which is based on the total number of people using it in an institution. Canvas offers a basic account to students and teachers for free. They also offer a trial version that gives access to all their features. However, this only lasts for 2 weeks. Once it elapses, you will have to revert back to the free version with the basic plan or be charged for a paid plan.


In summary, the Canvas app is a platform that amplifies and enhances learning experiences for students and instructors. It is one of the leading LMS that delivers high-quality educational contents.  There are lots of tools on the platform that makes learning simple Canvas app helps students to excel academically and also be more successful in life.


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