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Grab student discount

Filipino students don’t just get discounts on public transport, they’re entitled to a 20% discount on Grab, the ride-hailing app. If you want to get around in style, here’s how to get the Grab student discount.

Who is eligible for Grab’s special discount?

Filipino citizens who are enrolled in grade school, high school, and college are eligible. If you are a foreign student studying in the Philippines, you are not eligible, unless you have dual citizenship and can prove it.

What services are covered by the Grab student discount?

The 20% is discount is valid for GrabCar (Sedan, 6-Seater, and Premium) and GrabShare rides only. Other services that Grab offers such as GrabFood are not included.

What proof do I need to apply?

To apply for the 20% Grab discount, you need valid documentation to prove your status. You’ll ned to scan the following documents and upload them on Grabs website:

  • Valid School ID and Current school Registration Form (must show the academic year)

How to apply for the student discount in Grab rides

Step 1

Open this link and log in using your Grab Account. If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create one at this point.

Step 2

Select ‘I am a student’

Step 3

Fill out the required information and upload your documents. Then click “Submit”.

Step 4

You will receive confirmation of your application via email. It can take 3-5 business days to process your request. If there is a problem with your documents, Grab can refuse your application.

Step 5

Grab will email you a special discount code along with instructions on how to use it.

Other things to know about the Grab student discount?

The discount code is non-transferable-you must be the passenger. Other passengers can share your ride, but the booking must be made through your account to get the discount.

The student discount is valid for one year from the time of registration.

So there you have it, if you’re an eligible student and you want to get around in style, it’s quick and easy to enjoy cheaper fares on Grab rides.




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