How to Join Google Classroom for students

Google Classroom is a free web-based platform that helps to improve the learning experience of students in a classroom. This application helps educators and students to interact and collaborate are not in the same physical environment. There are lots of tools and features in Google Classroom that improves the learning experience for everyone. This post will explain how to start using Google Classroom for students.

Google Classroom is one of the tools that enhance online and distance learning. Students and teachers can connect even if they are miles apart.

Google Classroom for students: Homepage

Google Classroom: Overview

Google Classroom is a learning collaboration app for students and teachers. It provides tools that enable teachers to create classrooms online, send an invite link which students will then join to be able to participate in the class. Using this platform, teachers can create and give out assignments to students. They can manage and monitor their individual progress.

There are lots of features on Google Classroom that teachers can use to enhance the learning process for students. They can add rich texts, multiple choice answers, and images to questions. Parents are also not left out of their children’s education with this app. Teachers can summarize every student performance and share them with parents via email.

How to join Google Classroom for students

It is very easy to join a Google Classroom as a student. Once you join a class, you will have access to work from your teachers. Furthermore, you will be able to establish interaction with them and your fellow students. You can join a class using a class link, code, or an email invite.

To join using a class link, the teacher will have to share the link with the class. Students can now join this class using their Classroom Google accounts. This is very easy and simple to join. Once you are in the class, you can now begin learning.

The educator can also share a code with the class. Once you have gotten your code, go to and click on Get started for free and Sign In. Ensure you sign in with the correct Google account. If you are signed in already, you can switch accounts. Then click on the plus icon at the right top to join a class. After doing this, type in your code and proceed to join the class. This is another way for students to start learning on Google Classroom.

An email invite is also another way to join a class. After receiving the invite, click on the link and follow the instructions. You should ensure to sign in using your correct account.


Google Classroom is free software for students and teachers. The platform offers wonderful services without charging for it. All that is needed to start learning is an internet-connected device. Students can then join a class and begin interacting with their teachers.

Benefits of Google Classroom for students

Although Google Classroom is free, it provides great benefits to students and educators alike. Some of its great benefits include:

Accessibility: Classroom gives students the chance to access learning content prepared by teachers quite easily. They can communicate and interact with teachers whenever the classroom is in session. Teachers can give assignments and they can access them without any difficulty. With the interconnectivity with Google Drive, they can also submit given assignments.

Multi-platform: Students can access Google Classroom from any internet-connected device. They can access it anywhere and anytime on their computers or phones. Every uploaded file can be stored on Drive.

Collaboration: Students now have access to different ways of collaboration. They can participate in online discussions with themselves or their teachers.

Feedback: Teachers can use the grading tool in Classroom to send feedback to students on assignments or projects. They will be able to provide students with meaningful feedback on their given projects. They can also send them to their parents/guardians.

Two-way communication: There are built-in tools that make it easy for educators to communicate with students and parents in Google Classroom. They can comment on posts, or send emails.


In summary, Google Classroom is a video-based platform that connects teachers and students. It provides the tools necessary to enhance learning and monitor students progress in the classroom. The Google Classroom for students platforms is easily accessible by students if they follow the steps in this post.


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