How to Get Kahoot For Students

You are about to learn how to get kahoot for students. These days there are multiple games you can play on your devices to learn life lessons in a fun way. Sometimes the games can be used to create a quiz to get the whole family involved. But as a student, you can get the Kahoot games for school work and for relaxation.

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is a game that you play to learn in diverse ways. The Kahoot software is a tool you can use to administer quizzes, discussions or surveys. The whole class can play the kahoot game in real-time, as students participate by giving their responses to quizzes. Teachers and students all around the world can play the game free, while business owners have to subscribe to play.

Kahoot For Students
Kahoot Game

In the kahoot platform, the games are engaging and so you can play, learn, have some fun and celebrate with your friends. Furthermore, the game has business plans and personal plans. How it works is that you or your teacher will create and project multiple questions games on a large screen for all to see. And the participants have to enter the quiz using pins given to them by the instructor or teacher. Also, participants must answer the quiz at the same time by supplying answers using their own smartphone, tablet or computer devices. Besides, Businesses can use kahoot quiz for training purpose, making business presentations and for integrating new employees. That is interesting don’t you think so? Well, let us see how you can get the kahoot for students to start using this quiz game in the school.

Steps for getting kahoot for students

  1. Go to kahoot page for schools at
  2. And click on sign up and choose the option as a student.
  3. Next, choose whether to sign up with a Google account, Microsoft account or email address.
  4. Add then your account details like date of birth, school or university, pick a user name, add a .edu email address and create a password.
  5. Next, agree to terms of use, to receive offers, and for kahoot to send special offers to you by checking the respective boxes.
  6. Finally, click on Join Kahoot.
  7. At this point, you will need to go to your email and click on the link in the email from kahoot to confirm your account.
  8. Additional options based on your role is displayed. For example, if you are 16 years old or 13 in the US, you will be shown options to upgrade your subscription.
  9. And then you can sign into the platform and start creating.
  10. That is how to get kahoot for students.
  11. Also, you can download the app for your Windows and other devices from the Microsoft shop.
  12. And to play the game, click on “Enter Game Pin” on the Kahoot website.

How using the kahoot for students app can spark creativity

Here are the steps for students to create a game using the kahoot app:
  1. Start the Kahoot! app and in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, tap on Create.
  2. Then add a title, description, and cover image, just the same way you would do on your computer. And you can take an image from your camera roll or snap a new one for use during the creating process.
  3. Also, choose whether you want to keep this kahoot private, or make it public to everyone.
  4. Next, tap on Add question. Now enter the question and the options for the answer. Then, toggle correct and incorrect answers. Also, change the time limit to fit the type of questions.
  5. And don’t forget to add images and videos. Also, check progress against the Kahoot Question checklist for any hint to confirm if anything is missing.
  6. Then, also check progress against the general Kahoot checklist. This will give you all the facts you need for creating a perfect kahoot.
  7. After reviewing want you have created, just tap on Done.
  8. You can now administer it to classmates or the group you created the game quiz for.
  9. And you may choose to save your work if you still need to add to it later without logging in to your Kahoot! account. But, to host your game live or send it as a challenge, you need to log in to kahoot to do that.
  10. Later on, if you log in on your computer, you will find the game on your Kahoots page.
  11. To learn more about how to create in the app. read this kahoot blog post. The blog also has more information on how to use the tool properly.
  12. That is how to get kahoot for students and use the tool to create game quizzes.

Kahoot Plans and Prices

  • For schools and teachers, you have a Basic free plan, a pro plan at $3 and the premium plan at $6 per month.
  • For business, you can choose either the Plus plan at $8, Pro plan at $20 and a Premium plan at $40 per month. However, they offer a free trial for 7 days on the Plus plan. So, you may try kahoot with your credit card, and cancel if you don’t like it before the trial expires.
Kahoot For Students
Kahoot Pricing Plans

What you can create with Kahoot

  • With the kahoot for students free access, you can use it to create a fun learning game by asking a series of multiple-choice questions. Put in videos, images, and diagrams to your questions to amplify engagement.
  • You can play Kahoot in a group setting, for example, a classroom. You can also search among existing games. In addition, Players can answer the questions on their own devices, as the games are shown on a shared screen to unite the participants.
  • Share Kahoot on social media because social learning promotes discussion and academic impact.
  • Practice makes perfect. For example, a teacher can give kahoots to students in a class setting, to improve learning in a specific subject the students find hard to do. In a fun way, the students will learn faster.


In the post, we gave you a guide on how to get kahoot for students. The happy news is that it is free for teachers, and students to use all over the world. Therefore, visit the website and signup with your personal details. After that, you can get access to the kahoot platform. And then, play games, learn, enjoy and improve your life.


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