How to get Seesaw for students

Seesaw is an educational platform that provides students with creative tools that let them display their learning. Every student that signs up on the software can build their own portfolios and share their progress with parents and educators. Furthermore, as an education platform, Teachers can also create an account on the platform. They can sign up to track their students’ project and know the progress they are making. Teachers can also interact with students and provide whatever they need. Similarly, parents can also use Seesaw to stay connected to their children and know what is going on in their lives academically. This post will guide students on how they can be part of this software.

Seesaw for students: Overview

Seesaw is a digital portfolio tool that lets students keep track of all their academic projects. The platform can be accessed on any platform. It can be used on IOS, Androids, Chromebooks, Laptops, and on desktops. The platform gives students an engaging and interactive learning experience. With Seesaw, they can add photos on a canvas, links to shapes, add videos, and many more.

Seesaw for students

There are tons of tools on Seesaw that will assist students to display their progress in school. They can share with their educators and their parents as long as they have an account on the platform. Seesaw has great and amazing features that make it a unique software.

How to get Seesaw for students

Students can easily sign up on Seesaw and start using it for educational purpose. To do this, they have to navigate to Seesaw official website. Here you will be able to open your Seesaw for schools account. On the next page, click on the “I’m a Student button”. After doing this, you will be able to sign up with your Google account or using another mail. After doing this, you can proceed and follow other necessary instructions.

A teacher or parent will also get Seesaw using the instructions above with little difference. Once you are registered as a student, you can start tracking your academic progress for everyone to see. It is very easy to sign up on Seesaw as students.

Pricing of Seesaw

Seesaw is free forever for students, teachers and parents. The basic plan of this software is limited and does not provide pro features. It only allows 2 teachers per class and 10 active classes per teachers. The Seesaw plan is $12.99 monthly and $120 yearly. It allows 5 teachers in a class and 25 active classes for each of them.

The third plan is the full version of Seesaw for schools and districts. It is a more upgrade version and the plan is for schools.

Features of Seesaw

Seasaw provides features that allow students to draw, record videos, and learn while documenting it all in a portfolio. Teachers can use the platform to engage students in activities and monitor their progress. Parents can view their children work and leave a word of encouragements for them. Some of the features of Seesaw are:

Seesaw for students: Features

  • Creating of collage: Students using Seesaw can add multiple images into one journal entry with the recent upgrade in the software. They can use the drag and drop feature to make an appealing arrangement in their collections. They can also use text tools for adding captions to images.
  • Draw and Talk: This feature lets students using Seesaw create audio and video recording. They can design whiteboard videos and add voiceovers while drawing on their canvas.
  • Graph paper: With the upgrade with Seesaw, students can now change the background of their journals into a graph paper. They can also add any of the math manipulatives available on the platform to their drawings.
  • Google Classroom Rosters: This feature helps teachers to automatically create rosters on Seesaw. Rather than making them from scratch, they can import their Google classroom roster into their Seesaw account.
  • Collaboration: Teachers can collaborate easily with their students while using Seesaw. They can have access to unlimited activities for students that will help them progress academically. Parents can also track and monitor their children’s growth in school with a Seesaw account.

Conclusion (Seesaw for students)

In summary, Students can register on Seesaw and start using the platform for academic purpose. Seesaw create an interactive and engaging platform for students to excel and make the best of their academics. Additionally, it also helps educators and parents or guardians to monitor and track their kids’ progress. Students should be able to sign up on this platform after going through this post.


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