How to get Quizizz for students

Quizizz is an engagement platform that provides free quizzes and highly engaging lessons to students. It is used by thousands of teachers from countries all over the world. This application provides numerous concepts to students to aid their academic performance. With Quizizz, they can get instant insight and reports to know how a student is performing academically. It is a must-have application for students that are in need of mastery.  This post is going to teach you how you can get Quizizz for students.

Quizizz is online software that provides learners and educators with the ability to create and learn quizzes for educational purposes. Teachers can create quizzes from anywhere in the world and in any subject. Students on the other hand can answer them live in a competition or as homework. After completion, they can review their answers and check their reports. The reports can be seen by the teacher so that they can view students’ performance to know their strengths and weaknesses. Teachers will then use this report to know where the focus for future materials.

Quizizz for students

Using Quizizz as a student

This software has a friendly layout and makes the learning process for students. Creating quizzes on the platform is an easy task as you get guides on how to do that. Learning is also straightforward on the software, all students have to do is input their access code and begin to select an answer to questions appearing on the screen. Students with any internet-connected devices can start learning from anywhere.

Quizizz only requires a valid email address for teachers before they can start making quizzes. Students don’t need to sign up when using Quizizz before they start learning.  They can create a username temporarily. So they can take quizzes anonymously and still have the chance to view their results. The platform is very private.

How to get Quizizz for students

Students can get the Quizizz application in or out of the comfort of their classroom. If you want to sign up and become a part of this community, the first thing to do is go to their official website. Click on get started at the left side of the page. After doing this, you will have to sign up using your school’s email. Do this and click on next. Follow the required process and before you know it you will be part of this platform in no time.

Features of Quizizz for students

Quizizz is so powerful that it can provide students with various tools and features to help them perform self-paced assessments. It is quite engaging and this is thanks to its tons of features. Some of them are:

Quizizz for students: Features

  • Flexibility: The Quizizz platform is very flexible and can work on any device. Students can access the application on tablets, smartphones, computers, and laptops.
  • Public quizzes: The platform provides students with thousands of questions that were created by teachers worldwide. It provides them with great content.
  • Customization: Educators have various tools that can be used to customize quizzes to various factors.
  • Self-paced: Each question is paced to each student’s abilities. They can learn and answer questions without feeling hurried. Their answers will then be reviewed at the end of every session.
  • Editor: The platform has one of the best editing tools. You can remove questions from your quizzes and save your progress automatically.
  • Reports: Students can access well-detailed reports of their performances on Quizizz. They can download it in a spreadsheet format.

Pricing of Quizizz

Quizizz has a free trial version that lasts for 7 days. During this period, students can have access to all of its core features. Once the trial is over, then comes the paid subscription which is $19.00 monthly. This means you have to pay every month to use all of its premium features.

They also have a free version that does not require payment. However, it does not provide the advanced features the paid subscription provides. It gives access to all of its basic features. Students that want to use Quizizz can choose either of these plans.


In summary, Quizizz is a powerful, engaging, and interactive assessment tool in or out of the classroom. It can be useful in distance learning as it provides all tools that will give students the best experience outside the classroom. Additionally, the learning process is very exciting and will quickly capture students’ attention. This post has shown you how to sign up and get Quizizz for students.


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