How to Create Google Forms for Students

Google Forms is a software that is part of the online Google suite – Sheets, Slides, and Sheets. Teachers make use of Google Forms to assess students in their classroom at the beginning of every class. It is a useful educational tool that can help to give feedback to students and their parents. Students on the other hand can also use Google Forms to also send feedback to their educators. Additionally, they can also use it to perform self-assessment and set goals for themselves.

A form is a versatile educational tool that can be used to gather all kinds of information. It can help with creating surveys and quizzes.  This post will look at some of the features and capabilities of Google Forms and how students can sign up on the platform.

Google Forms: Overview

Google Forms is among the free online tools that provide a platform that users can use to create surveys and forms. It can help educators to gather and organize information from students. The information gathered can then be used to track and assess students in classes. Students can also use this application to provide feedback to their teachers.

This application is a great education tool as it helps to analyze data. Educators that are creating forms with Google Forms can design any kind of questions for their students. They can create multiple question types. It is possible to customize forms by adding images, videos, and logos. The software comes with lots of themes and colour styles that users can use to design their forms. Google Forms has tons of features and tools that can help create professional-looking forms.

When teachers or students use Google Forms, the responses are automatically saved. They can access and analyze these answers. Google Forms can be embedded in websites, or shared via email or social media.

How to create Google Forms for students

Google Forms is an online tool that teachers and students can use to collaborate for educational purposes. Educators can use it to receive or give feedback to students. The platform is easy to use, so students that want to start creating forms can create an account.

  1. To create an account on Google Forms, the first step is to navigate to Google Forms.
  2. Once on the page, click on the “Go to Google Forms” button on page to begin your account registration.
  3. Sign in with your Gmail account if you have one or simply create another from scratch.

Now, you can sign into Google Forms and proceed to set up your profile page. To do this, click on the people icon on top of the page. You can customize your account the way you want and begin to create forms.  Google Forms is very easy to use. Students that have signed up for Google Forms can simply log back in anytime.

Best Features of Google Forms for students

There are lots of features that make Google Forms a great tool that students can always use. Some of its features include:

  • Collaboration: Students can collaborate with their classmates and teachers using Google Forms. They can create surveys and gather information using other people responses. It can help to gather your friend’s response to an idea, event, or activity.
  • Organization: The responses to surveys are usually presented with real-time information and charts. Google Form is a very organized platform and they can view the results in an ordered form.
  • Integration: It integrates perfectly with other applications from Google. You can use Forms alongside other Google apps easily.
  • Price: This is one of the best features of Google Forms for students. The platform is entirely free for students to use. The only requirement is having a Google account. Once they have that, they can log in and start creating forms.
  • Sharing: Google Forms can be shared on all platforms. The link can be shared everywhere for people to see and respond. The responses gotten can also be used for further analysis.


Google Forms is part of the Google application suite. The package comes with apps like Google Sheet, Docs, Slides and Forms. This software is forever free to all users whether students or not. Once you create an account, you can proceed to start creating and designing your forms. You can begin to collect and organize information no matter how small.


Finally, Google Forms is a software that can benefits students and teachers. It can be used to create or respond to various class surveys. Students can quickly go to the Google website to access Forms and its other application. This post has given them the guidelines they will need to do that.

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