How to download Keyshot student version – Full Version

In this article, we will explore how to download keyshot for students. And, if you are a student, you will be able to get access to software for making engineering, architecture or filmmaking and animation fields designs. You can even do 3D rendering of images, fast easily and accurately using KeyShot 14-day free trial.

What is KeyShot?

This software will enable you to produce a computer rendering of images. In the layman’s terms, that means, using the computer to generate a real-time 3D image with the aid of KeyShot software. Furthermore, KeyShot is used by design and engineering students fully in over 50 design schools, colleges, and universities globally. Also, all KeyShot student version education licenses are compatible with both Mac and Windows PC.

Keyshot for students
Keyshot Editing Interface

Besides, you can choose a single user license or floating license lab packs. And full-time students and staff members or faculty of accredited academic institutions can use them. Furthermore, there are only three ways to get a license. You buy, try the software or get access to your university license. I suggest that you should get the student license that costs $95 only, for 365 days from the date of activation. And if you compare that price to the price of Keyshot pro at $1,995, then you will see a massive academic discount. Now that you see the benefits and how cost-effective the student version is, let us share how you can get keyshot for students now.

Keyshot for student version


You cannot use KeyShot educational versions for commercial purposes. And scenes created with an EDU version of KeyShot, will not open in a commercial version.

Requirements for the discount

As a Student, you must send a copy of your current and valid student ID, plus a Class schedule with appropriate coursework with your order. While Faculty members must send a copy of their Current and valid faculty ID, or the most recent pay stub with their order.

Steps for getting keyshot for students

You can either try or buy keyshot for students at $95.00 per year. Also, you will get access to download software directly after purchase. You can buy directly from Luxion or find certified resellers closest to you.

Follow the steps below to buy the software:
  1. Go to keyshot education product page at
  2. Click on add to Cart, and then click on the shopping cart at the top right part of the website
  3. Review the product in the Cart and then click on Check Out
  4. Enter your email and password to sign in if you have an account. Or Create an account
  5. Type in your first and last name, .edu email address and select a password and then click on Create.
  6. At this instant, the summary of the shopping cart is displayed plus your contact information.
  7. Click to check the box beside receive new exclusive offers. Next, fill a form by entering your personal details and city, state, postal code and so on.
  8. Also, click on Continue to Shipping. Then review the information and check for the shipping method. Which is by email.
  9. And Click on Continue to Payment
  10. Now, enter your payment method, (credit card bank transfer, PayPal ) billing address. Select use same as shipping address or use a different address and then click on Complete Order.
  11. As a Student, you must send a copy of your current and valid student ID, plus a Class schedule with appropriate coursework WITH YOUR ORDER.
  12. Also, you will get an email from Luxion with the information on how to download keyshot for students and how to install it on your computer.
  13. So, open your email from Luxion and follow the instructions to download the file and save software in your computer download folder.
  14. And then install and activate it with the serial number they sent to your email. Also, you can begin to render images immediately.
  15. That is how to get keyshot for students by buying a single user license.

How to get Your Universities floating  license lab packs

If you are lucky, your university may have purchased a floating license lab packs for students in engineering and for use in the Faculty. So you may try to get this campus license and use it if you cannot pay for the single-user license. Follow the steps below to download Keyshot 8 and activate it

  1. You can Download Keyshot for students from the Online Software Distribution platform of your university or college.
  2. And open software and then run the file you downloaded to start the install.
  3. After that, click on Next as needed and follow onscreen instructions to move through the installer, and then accept the default options.
  4. And then wait for the installer to finish.

How to activate the License from your school authorities

And when you open the software for the first time after installing it, you will get a prompt to activate KeyShot. So follow the steps below. to activate software.

  1. On the Register Keyshot interface, Choose “Floating License” and click on “Next”
  2. Now in the “Floating License Server” field, enter “licensingxxx” ( that you got from your school authority) and click on “Connect”
  3. Then Click on  “Finish”
  4. That is it. You now have keyshot for students university-wide license for one year.

Features of KeyShot Pro for Students software

The features of KeyShot Pro for Education software includes:

  • Full features of KeyShot Pro
  • Camera animation
  • Part and object animation
  • Multiple turntable animations
  • Compiled movie output (Quicktime, AVI, FLV)
  • Individual frame output (JPEG, TIF, EXR, PNG)
  • Interactive setup, editing, and playback in realtime
  • Camera animation
  • Part and object animation
  • Multiple turntable animations
  • Interactive setup, editing, and playback of animations in realtime
  • Individual frame output
  • Compiled movie output (Quicktime, AVI, FLV)
  • Interactive, touch-enabled KeyShotXR

Price list of KeyShot

In case you wish to buy the software after the trial ends, below are prices of the various types of keyshot. However, to get more details of the prices you can click that link.

  • KeyShot HD $995
  • And KeyShot Pro $1,995
  • KeyShot Pro Floating $2,995
  • Keyshot Enterprise is at $3.995

Download Keyshot for students: Conclusion

In this post, we showed you how to download keyshot for students. Also, you need to visit the education page in the developer’s website, and buy the software directly or through a reseller and then send your educational documents to luxion or the reseller. And then you will get instructions and the link to download the software by email. Secondly, you could use your university’s license if they have. So, we also showed you how to download and install the university software. Enjoy Keyshot and hope you render world-class images.


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