How to download Firefly for students

Firefly is an educational application that helps students to check on timetables and homework. Just like every other academic app, it uses technology to simplify the learning process for educators and their learners. The platform has a student, teacher, and parent application. All that it requires is login and students can check their timetable, the teacher that will be teaching, and where the lesson will take place.

Students who use Firefly can send photos, documents, videos, and audio to teachers. They can stay on top of their homework as they receive instant notification once a teacher uploads an assignment. There are so many ways this application can benefit students. This post is going to guide students on how to log in and start using this software.

Firefly for students: Homepage

How to get Firefly for students

Students can become a member of the Firefly community easily. The first thing to do is to go to the Firefly official site. Once you are on the page, click on the Try Firefly button at the top of the page. On the next page, you will fill in all your personal information on the form. Enter your name, school, school email, and choose your role. Since you are looking to open a student account, your role is the student role. When you have filled in the remaining information, click on the request free trial button.

For the next 14 days, you can browse through Firefly and explore the platform without any charges. You can also access the app on your mobile phone with ease. The free trial of Firefly will give students 14 days unrestricted access to their basic features. Do not forget to fill the form using your school’s email address.

Features of Firefly

Firefly has great tools and features that make it a great platform. Some of their features that make it a wonderful experience for students and teachers include:

  • Collaboration tools
  • Communication Management
  • Commenting/Notes
  • File Sharing
  • Mobile Access
  • Task Management
  • Notifications
  • Search/Filter

How Firefly can benefit students

Firefly for students application is a great educational app that helps students stay on top of their homework wherever they are. It is highly beneficial to students and can help them do many things. When students become a member of Firefly, they will be able to:

  • Receive notifications of assignments submitted by teachers
  • View homework and submit their answers
  • Be able to check their timetable so as to prepare for classes
  • Avoid constantly remembering passwords.
  • Receive direct messages and updates from their schools.

Firefly for young learners

In addition to all this, teachers also benefit a lot from Firefly. It simplifies their learning and helps them to track and manage their students. With Firefly, they can interact with students easily. All they have to do is upload messages or assignments and students will be able to have direct access to them. They can also assist their students in organizing schedules and activities.

Pricing of Firefly

The best thing about Firefly for students is that they offer a 14-day free period without any charges. Once the trial period is over, users will have to subscribe. Their monthly subscription is $19.00 monthly.


Finally, students can be part of Firefly easily. It is a platform that helps to make online schooling easy. Students can stay updated about their studies even if they are not physically present in school. Students can work at their own pace. Teachers can plan their lessons and interact with learners easily. Parents are also kept engaged in their children’s activities on Firefly. There are tools on the platform that makes learning a great experience for everyone.


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