How to get Padlet for students

Padlet is an online hosted board for students, teachers, entrepreneurs, and much more. The tool was created as a platform where people can create and collaborate together. Padlet is like a piece of paper that users can place videos, texts, images, links and documents with anyone at any time.  It is a productivity tool and can aid the learning process.

The online software has millions of users worldwide. It is mostly used by educators and students as a collaboration tool. Although it has a free plan, it also has a subscription plan that gives access to premium tools. We will guide students on how they can sign up and begin to use Padlet.

How to get Padlet for students

Padlet: Overview

Padlet Is an online hosted platform that provides students and teachers with the tools they need to collaborate, share links and content. The tool is paper-like and they can add together various multimedia files and share them among themselves. Students can use Padlet to create documents that are easy to read.  It can be useful in creating projects for school. They can share their ideas with their teachers or classmates using the Padlet software.

Students using Padlet can access it from their web browser with their internet-connected devices. The tool has lots of inbuilt features that make it possible to design impressive documents aboard. The Padlet for students is the Padlet Backpack. It is specially designed to be used by schools and students.

How to get Padlet for Students

If you are a student, you can easily get Padlet. The first step will be to navigate to their official website. Once you are on the website, click on the Schools tab on the left side. You will be navigated to a more private version of the software for students.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Try it for 30 days”. You will have to sign up by filling the form on the next page.

Enter your institution name, domain, full name, email, and password to continue. After signing up, students will have access to this platform for free for 30 days. They will be able to use all of its tools and functions when creating professional-looking documents. This version has lots of great features and we will be mentioning them next.

How Students can log in to Padlet

Students can log into Padlet via a link that needs to be shared by their teachers. Once they click on that link, they will be able to access the entire documents created by their teachers for the classroom. The platform also allows for engagement and participation. Students that are signed in will be able to drop comments, ask and answer questions. They will perform all these activities via the discussion board on Padlet. Before logging into Padlet, you might have to sign up as written above to be able to log in. You can do this by using a Microsoft, Google or Apple ID.

Features of Padlet for Students

The special Backpack version of Padlet designed for students has various features. It provides privacy and security to make it more user friendly for students. Some of these features include:

  • User management and Access Control
  • More Privacy
  • Extra Security
  • School-wide activity monitoring
  • Branding
  • Bigger File Uploads
  • Delightful Support
  • Student reports and portfolios
  • Content Filtering
  • Google Apps and LMS integration

Pricing of Padlet for students

The Padlet Backpack is free for students and teachers for the first 30 days. Once the trial period is over, they will have to proceed to a paid subscription. The school plan is $2000 for every school year and it includes accounts for 500 teachers and students. This offer is great and every student needs to take advantage of it. Once the 30 days trial period is over, the next action will be to purchase a Padlet Plan. They also have a plan that is totally free but this one is not specially designed for students. It does not have the customized features the Backpack plan has. Students with schools that have subscriptions with  Padlet can always access it using the details of their institution.


Finally, Students can easily sign up and begin to use Padlet. It is open-source software that they can access online using a web browser. Once they are in, they will be able to use create nice looking multimedia documents. In addition, they will also be able to collaborate with other students in teachers remotely. Padlet is fun to use software that can boost productivity in learning.


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