7 Free AI tools for Students

Free AI tools for students

Whatever your opinion on AI, it’s here to stay. Every day, a new tool comes out which is designed to help us win at life-especially when it comes to work or studying. Here’s our guide to the top 7 free AI tools for students.

  1. QuillBot

You’re writing an essay for college and you want to quote an idea from another source. You can’t copy it verbatim, as that’s kind of illegal. However, you can paraphrase it. But how do you find the right words to put the idea across in the way you want?

That’s where tools like QuillBot come in. Just paste the text you want to paraphrase and choose one of the program’s seven modes to give you the perfect phrasing. The great thing about this program is it easily integrates with Microsoft Word. Use it if you want to take your writing to the next level.

  1. Census GPT

Powered by ChatGPT, this program is for you if you hate endless Google searches to find information when you’re writing a paper. Say you needed to know the population of a particular city in any given year. This program can give you an accurate and reliable answer in minutes.

  1. GPT for Sheets and Docs

Next up in our list of the best AI tools for students is GPT for Sheets and Docs. This is a Google add-on that will make working with spreadsheets far more intuitive and productive. Using simple commands, you can summarise data, generate ideas, classify and clean up lists, and much more.

  1. ChatGPT

We couldn’t really have a list of free AI tools without mentioning ChatGPT. From answering questions to generating ideas when you’re faced with a blank page and a flashing cursor, ChatGPT is like a clever study/research assistant.

  1. Wisdolia

When you’re revising for exams, do you use flashcards? They are a great memory aid, but creating loads of them can be a bit tedious, right? Enter Wisdolia, an AI flashcard generator. With the ability to summarise your notes or lengthy articles in a series of flashcards, this program could be your fast track to test or exam success.

  1. Humata

You’ve found the perfect article to help you answer an essay question. The only problem is, the article is sooo long. No problem for Humata. This tool can summarise the article and answer questions about it, helping you complete your assignments faster than ever. No wonder this tool made it onto our list of the best free AI tools for students.

  1. Addy AI

Last, but certainly not least, is Addy AI. How are you at writing emails? Whether you need to communicate with your college professor or with a prospective employer about a graduate job, you need to get the tone right. Addy AI is a chrome extension that allows you to change the tone of your emails with just one click, ensuring you get your message across in the right way, every time.

Our verdict on AI tools for students

Though many people fear that students will resort to ‘cheating’ by using AI, on the contrary, it can help them learn more effectively. It can do this by making tedious, time-consuming tasks easier, breaking down or summarising complex ideas, and aiding research.

When used as an assistant to learning, rather than replacing it, it can have serious benefits for students who want to get ahead on their courses.





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