How to download Edmodo app for students

Edmodo is an online-based learning management system that enhances interactive learning between teachers and students. It has a very friendly and easy to understand user interface. Edmodo provides a platform that helps students to learn better and teachers manage the classroom. There are various features that make the web-based application very safe, secure, and highly effective. It has features like quizzes, calendars, assignments, and many more.

Every classroom can be customized on Edmodo based on student’s needs. It is a very flexible mode of learning which is great for visual learners. This post will show students how they can quickly sign up and begin using it for learning.

edmodo for students

Edmodo: Overview

Edmodo is a popular and secured educational platform for students and teachers. It helps improve engagement and also provide the necessary tool to make learning possible. Educators and learners can collaborate and work together in sharing assignments, content, and any important information. Teachers can customize every classroom based on what their students need.

The interaction on Edmodo is only between teachers and students (parents) but not between students. This is one setback of the application. The best thing about it is that it is totally free for every user. All educators need to do is to log in, then they can create groups, post assignments and grades. Students will be able to access these when they log in through their own Edmodo accounts.

Edmodo is very easy and friendly to use. They have a step by step guide for their end-users. One of the best features about it is that it can work perfectly well on mobile phones. Students can access Edmodo on their androids, iPhones, or iPods.

How to get Edmodo for students

It is quite easy for students to create an account on the Edmodo platform. All you need is an email address, basic computer skills and an internet connection. To begin, you should navigate to their official website. The page will display on your screen, now click on the signup button on the top right of the screen. The next page will ask you the kind of account you want to create. Choose the Students Account to proceed.

You will have to choose your location now and click next. Then provide your class code so that you can join your class and start learning. Provide all the required information to proceed. You can also sign up with Apple, Google or Microsoft account. After signing up, you can now log in with your details.

Benefits of Edmodo for students

There are countless ways Edmodo can be beneficial to students. It is simple to use, highly effective in learning, and very concise. Below are few reasons students need to start using this learning platform:

  • Free: Edmodo is totally free and requires no subscription plan. Students and educators can surf the application freely without ads disturbance.
  • Feedback: This is an important part of education. Teachers need to establish communication with students at any given time. They need to be available to answer their questions and provide solutions. Furthermore, teachers with an Edmodo account can give feedback to students by replying to their posts or creating videos and providing them with links. This is very easy to do on Edmodo.
  • Multi-platform: Edmodo works across every platform. It has mobile applications for Android and IOS. So, students can get it as apps or web-based.
  • Quizzes: These are tools to know the progress of students after every learning session. Teachers can create quizzes on Edmodo using any procedure. They can use true/false, multiple-choice, fill the blank, or short answers.
  • Safety: Edmodo is a safe space for students. Although it is free, there is no reason to worry about students details getting accessed by anyone. There is a process to manage and invite students to classes. It is very student-friendly.
  • Ease of use: The platform is very easy to use, unlike other platforms. It has a friendly and intuitive interface, so students will be able to use it quite easily without any problems.
  • Parental engagement: Parents can also sign up on Edmodo and get involved in their kid’s education. Edmodo allows parents and guardians to create an account. They can monitor their kids’ progress without interfering in their learning process.


Finally, Edmodo is free web-based software that provides the platform that makes the interaction between educators and students possible. Teachers can upload materials and create contents for students to access. It is a powerful tool for digital learning. After going through this post, Students should have no challenges signing up on Edmodo.


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