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There are plenty of perks of being a student, discounts being one of them. Unfortunately though, if you’re a student in the UK, one of the things you’ll pay full price for is a TV licence. If you only watch on demand streaming services like Netflix, then you’re all good. However, if you want to watch or record live TV, or watch or download BBC programmes on iPlayer, you’ll need a licence. Here’s what you need to know about the TV licence for students.

What Does a TV Licence for Students Cover?

If you have a TV licence, you can watch live TV on over 400 TV channels including:

  • All the free-to-view channels like ITV, Channel 4, Dave and Sky One.
  • Live TV that you watch on any satellite packages or paid streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Now TV.
  • Everything on BBC iPlayer.

TV Licence Rules for Students At a Glance

  • You still need a TV licence if you live in halls of residence or a shared house. Communal areas with TVs are probably covered but you need a licence for the TV in your own room.
  • It doesn’t matter what device you use to watch TV, you still need a licence. Even if you’re watching a TV show on your mobile or laptop, you still need a TV licence or you risk prosecution and a fine of up to £1000.

TV Licence for Students-What if I Live in a Shared House?

Do you have a joint tenancy with other students? You may only need one licence. However, if you have a separate agreement just for your room, or your room is self-contained, you need your own TV licence.

When Do I Not Need a TV Licence?

You won’t need a TV licence for students if:

  • You only watch downloaded or streamed TV after it has been broadcast.
  • You only watch content on platforms like Netflix, or any other on demand services that offer downloads or streaming.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you need a TV licence, it’s best to check the rules. After all, you don’t want end up paying a £1000 fine out of your student budget!

Can I Get a Student Discount on a TV Licence?

No, there are no student discounts available. However, if you pay for a 12-month TV licence and you are in your accommodation for a shorter period of time, you could get a refund. You must have at least 3 whole months left on your licence to claim.

How much does a TV Licence for Students Cost?

A current licence costs £157.50 for colour and £53.00 for a black and white TV Licence.

How Can I Buy a TV Licence?

There are several different ways you can buy a TV licence:

Pay in one go– You’ll pay £159 every year.

Pay every three months– You’ll pay four instalments of £41 over the year.

Pay monthly- Spread the cost by paying £26.50 for six months, then £13.25 per month after that.

Pay by Direct Debit, credit, or debit card.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the TV licence for students. If you love keeping up to date with your favourite TV shows, it pays to make sure you’re covered.


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