How to get Shopify student discount

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce stores selling goods and services.  It is a platform that lets anyone open a free online store to sell their products to their customers. This eCommerce platform has been around for the past ten years. Retailers and business owners can easily create a website that will let them market their goods and services to prospective customers.

Some of the greatest consumers of Shopify are students. They are very active in shopping online. Due to the low income of cash and other expenses, students are always looking for the best deals out there. So, this post will explain how you can get a Shopify Student discount.

shopify student discount

How to get Shopify student discount

Visit Shopify official website to signup and learn more about their discount services. Discounts are powerful strategies that boost sales.

Shopify does not offer any discount to students at all. However, what they do offer are coupons and also discount codes. A store owner can decide to offer discounts for particular products. This person will create discount codes, or set up automatic discounts and sales prices.

The only discount you get as a student on Shopify is anyone set by the owner of a store. He or She will create codes either for a shipping discount or a percentage discount. Students will then have to enter this specific code when they are about to check out after shopping. It can also be done in person if the student is using Shopify POS.

Another thing you should be aware of is that discount codes usually have an expiration time. They have validity dates and also the number of times they can be used. These codes usually have specific products that they can work with. They can be applied to about a hundred products and variants. Every plan on the Shopify platform has discount codes and every store has almost 20 million unique discount codes.

Benefits of getting Shopify student discount


Sign up for free on Shopify eCommerce platform that allows business owners to display their goods and services to customers. Students are some of the largest consumers of Shopify. It satisfies their needs and they can get any type of product in the store. Whether it is perishable or non-perishable goods, they can order whatever they want from the comfort of their dorm and receive it. Shopify makes shopping easy and makes it possible for students to connect with buyers online. The stores on the platform are flexible and scalable. Products can be bought on social channels or from the website.

Reliability and mobile responsiveness

The online stores on Shopify are reliable and highly secured. This is one way it has gained the trust of students and non-students alike all these years. It helps to protect their personal and financial information. Another feature that Shopify has is mobile responsiveness. Since most students perform all transactions on their mobile phones nowadays, this feature highly benefits students. The Shopify app is accessible either on Android or iPhone.

Shopify student discount codes

Although Shopify does not offer a student discount at the moment, they have thousand of codes available that students can take advantage of. Students mostly have little cash for shopping, so any platform that will provide them with ways to cut down on shopping costs will be highly appreciated. Shopify has lots of discount codes that will benefit students in numerous ways. Students will naturally gravitate to any platform that helps them save money. Shopify offers great benefits to them in ways that cannot be imagines.

The Shopify discount code is a great strategy to attract students. A store owner that has set up this code will definitely attract students and also make massive sales. Shopify has made it easier for students to get what they want at the tip of their fingers without having to pay fully.


In conclusion, They do not have any student discounts at the moment. The only way students can get any type of discount is by using the Shopify student discount code or promo codes that are set up by store owners. One thing about these codes is that they usually have expiration dates. So, after finding the code of a particular store you need to make use of it immediately. After choosing all the items you want to purchase, you will need to input the code in the required box. Once that is done, the deduction will be done on the overall cost.  Students need to keep watching out for juicy discount codes they can make use of.


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