How to get DAZN for students

In this article, you will learn how to get DAZN for students. We all know that watching sports is a hobby many people share. I know you love sports too. So watching it on Television, smart TV or devices will give you a lot of joy. Also, there are recognized sports events and big shows streaming daily all over the world. For instance, DAZN is a new video streaming service provider that launched recently. Therefore, to know more about DAZN, we are bringing you the DAZN student offer. In this guide, you will learn how to start the free trial, and cancel the trial in case you want to. So, what is DAZN?

This video streaming service is owned by the Perform Group with headquarters in London. It was launched in 2016 and you can get their service in Brazil, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, United States, and Japan as at the date, and pay by subscription.

Furthermore, there is no special plan for students but you can sign up with $20.00 per month or $150 annually or use a gift or promo code at up to 50% discount and get the first month free to watch World Boxing Super Series, football, and all kinds of fights and sports shows. And they also provide valuable information in other interesting sports. But, to get the trial, you must be located in a country where they are available and submit your payment information. Therefore, in this post, let us show you how you can get the DAZN student offer quickly.

DAZN for student

How DAZN student offer works

You can watch all the fights in one place for $20 per month. Furthermore, you can start watching now in 3 simple steps. Create an account, enter your payment details. Also, your first month is free and you can start watching fights instantly.

Steps for getting DAZN student discount using a free trial

  1. Go to DAZN Canada website at
  2. Click Start your Free Trial
  3. Enter your email address and create a password and click submit
  4. Then choose between an annual or monthly pass
  5. Next, enter your name and email address and then your payment method and add details of your credit card. (You also pay with iTunes, PayPal, Roku Pay, Amazon and Google Play in Canada.)
  6. Also, if you have a gift code, you can use it to pay. So, just enter the gift code in the gift code field and click on ‘apply’.
  7. Once your gift code or credit is received, click on ‘Start Subscription’
  8. At this point, you will get a confirmation pop-up message.
  9. Finally, once the payment processor completes the process, then you will get access to start your DAZN free trial for 1 month. (Note: you will not be charged during the 1-month trial.)
  10. Additionally, log in to your personal dashboard and Download the DAZN app to start watching fights instantly.
  11. And, there are other ways to sign up. For instance, you can use a smartphone, Amazon device, gaming console, iPhone, iPad, Apple tv and so on.
  12. You can also learn more ways to sign up.
  13. Getting a DAZN student discount is that simple.

Steps for getting DAZN for students using Gift Code or Promo Code

Just search the internet for reliable websites promoting the DAZN promo or gift code. There are monthly and annual codes with different sports.

To sample an offer, click on Get Deal or Redeem offer after considering the features. Then, you will be redirected to the DAZN website where you can sign up for the plan and enter all the information needed to redeem your Code. Getting a DAZN student discount using promo code or gift card is also a way to reduce cost.

How to cancel your subscription as a student

You can cancel your DAZN student free trial subscription anytime using any of the following devices. From your web browser, Smart TV, or gaming console. Follow these steps.

  1. In the top right corner of your device, click Menu then click on “My Account”
  2. Then Sign in to your account using your account credentials
  3. Now, navigate to the subscription section and click on the ‘CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION’ tab
  4. Also, state why you want to cancel the service.
  5. Finally, click on the ‘CONFIRM CANCELLATION’ button.
  6. After you cancel your subscription, you should expect an email from DAZN confirming your cancellation.
  7. Also, note that you will continue to get access to the content even after you have cancelled the subscription until it expires on its own.

What are the devices you can watch DAZN shows?

As a student, you can watch DAZN on Television, Smartphones, tablets, game consoles and so on. But for you to get the best viewing experience, they recommend that you use a compatible internet-connected device that can stream high-quality videos.


In this article, we explored DAZN student offer. Also, you can get this offer by getting a free trial and using a gift or promo code. To get the trial go to the trial homepage, and enter your email and create a password. Also, you need to enter your payment information and then download the DAZN mobile application and enjoy your 30 days free trial. Besides you can get a promo code and sign up using the code. You can enjoy the DAZN student offer in both ways FREE for 30 days provided it is available in your location.


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