How to get Wix student discount

Wix is a platform available for individuals, retailers, and small businesses to build professional looking websites. They can do this without having any prior knowledge of coding. It helps to bring sellers and buyers together on the website. The largest consumers on the platform are Students. So, this post is going to explain how to get Wix student discount.

This platform has created an easy way for sellers and their prospective customers to meet online. Students can sit in the comfort of their dorm and shop online from different websites on Wix.

Wix student discount

Does Wix offer student discount?

Wix provides discount codes and coupons to enable students to buy products easily from different stores on the website. What they will have to do is to type in this code when checking out. Once they do this, the expected percentage will be slashed off their prices. They can access this from the comfort of their dorm. There is no particular discount percentage as it ranges from 10% to 50%. Having a 50% student discount on your product is having to pay half of the original cost. If you really want to use the Wix student discount, you will have to look out for the expiration of every coupon or discount code. Student discounts are not forever, they have expiration time and days. This means if used after this time, the coupon will be expired.

Therefore every student discount code or coupon needs to be used before it expires. Once you have done that, you can take off a large percentage of your final purchase.

Reasons why you should get a Wix student discount

Students are the major customers and visitors to online stores. Therefore, these platforms put things in place to attract their attention and sell their products. There are lots of obvious benefits in place for students using the Wix discount.  One of such is having to pay lesser than other groups of consumers for a particular product or service. Student discount slashes out an impressive percentage off a selling price. This helps students to maximize their income while getting equal satisfaction. They need every help necessary to reduce how they spend money since most have lots of expenses they spend on.

How to get a Wix student discount

Students will naturally gravitate towards anything that will reduce their cost. This is due to the fact they spend cash on all of the things. Student discount is one guaranteed way of attracting students to purchase in a particular store or website. If you are a student, then it is totally possible to get a Wix student discount.

Via Wix website

To begin, navigate to their student hub and start from there. You can scroll down and click the “Get Started” button. Once you have done that, choose from the various templates on the page to edit.

Wix portfolio & template for students

Third-Party website

On the other hand, you can also do this by creating a StudentBeans ID. With this, you will be able to unlock about a 50% discount on Wix’s yearly plans. Students will be able to enjoy 50% off their order using their discount code.

You will need to create a StudentBeans ID. With this, you will be able to unlock about a 50% discount on Wix’s yearly plans. Students will be able to enjoy 50% off their order using their discount code. When filling their form for Wix student offers, you must input your email address and type in your password after filling out their form. Click on continue and the next page will load.  Once there, you will have to type in your institution name and year of graduation. After doing this, you will be required to input your school’s email. This email is so that you can receive a verification link.

After you have successfully created this account, you will have access to an exclusive student discount code. You will be able to use this code to enjoy a discount of 50% off your order. This is an appealing deal whose aim is to help students purchase whatever they want at a lesser price.

Another way to get a student discount on Wix is to always look out for any discount from any store you want to purchase an item from. This is not an exclusive student deal but it can serve the same purpose for students and non-students. You will be able to purchase products at a lesser price.


In conclusion, there are various student discounts on Wix. As long as you can prove that you are still a student of a reputable institution, you will be able to access these discounts on Wix. Furthermore, you can always watch out for other juicy Wix student discount. These discounts depend on the store you are buying your goods from. Once the store owner has set a particular discount, you will be able to access it if used before its expiration period. Wix discounts help students to reduce costs and maximize their income. They will be able to spend lesser money to buy quality products that will satisfy them.


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