How to get ESPN student discount

Sports lovers do not get to stream their favorite games due to the fact that there are limited services showing them. ESPN is the only service that entertains sports lovers and satiates their needs.  ESPN+ is a subscription service that shows live games and on-demand videos. This service shows life games, shows, and exclusive stories. Their subscribers can watch different active season games from NHL, MLB, and MLS. They have lots of subscribers but this post will be focused on how to get an ESPNstudent discount.

The preferred method of watching movies and television shows nowadays is through streaming. The major reason why it has now taken over satellite and cable is that it is easier. You can watch our shows on the go without any hindrances. Irrespective of your device, you will be able to catch up on your favorite shows. One of the largest customers of streaming is students. Students that love sports will agree that most streaming services do not stream live games. This post is going to teach you ways you can get ESPN student discount.

ESPN student discount

How to get ESPN student discount

When you subscribe to ESPN as a student, you can watch ongoing games from NHL, MLB, and MLS. When they have active seasons, you will be able to watch various games’ life. In addition to that, you will also be able to watch games from UFC, college football, PGA golf, international soccer, and tennis. However, you cannot watch any NFL or NBA games on ESPN.

The streaming platform also shows original shows which include game recaps and analysis. You can also watch documentary programs, a replay of NFL games and so many more. The type of subscription plan you are on will determine the type of shows you will have access to.

If you are a student looking for an ESPN discount, then you should know that the platform is not offering any special discount for a discount at the moment. They use to offer free trials for new subscribers before but unfortunately, it stopped.

If you want to catch up on college and pro sports games, then what you have to do is purchase a subscription plan. It is either you choose the monthly plan or annual. The annual plan is a yearly plan but it offers a 20% discount. So, as a student that wants to use ESPN, this is how close you can get to a discount.

Cost of ESPN+

Now, that you are aware there is no student discount for ESPN, you should get to know about the different pricing plans. When the platform newly launched, it was $4.99 every month and it later became $5.99 on the 12th of August, 2020. Subscribers who signed up paying the first amount will continue paying that for almost a year.

The current monthly price for an ESPN+ subscription is $5.99. However, if you decide to opt for the annual plan, you pay $49.99 every month. This plan will save you about $22 in a year, unlike the monthly plan. Other plans that you can opt for is to try to combine the ESPN with another streaming service like Hulu. There will also be a discount on your plan if you do this.

Signing up and getting ESPN student discount

If you are new with ESPN and trying of signing up, you can head over to the ESPN official website. One there, create a new account so you will be able to sign up. When signing up, you will have to input your payment details and choose a payment plan. Since there are no student discounts with ESPN, you get to choose either the monthly or yearly plan. Input all the necessary details so that you can begin to stream your favorite games and sports shows or recaps.

After signing up and subscribing, you can access ESPN+ through the application.  You will be able to access your shows with any device of your choice. You can watch on tablets, laptops, Xbox One, Samsung smart TVs, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku players. When you create a single account, you will be able to stream on three devices.


In summary, there is no ESPN student discount at the moment. The only discount you can get is to subscribe to its annual plans. Furthermore, you can keep an eye out for when they will announce a discount service students will get to benefit from.


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