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COMSOL Multiphysics is a software platform that can be used to create physics-based models. It lets its users combine multiple physics in order to create real-world phenomena. This application provides the necessary tools needed to create and build simulation applications. Whether you are a professional or a student, COMSOL is a great platform for you.

According to Wikipedia, COMSOL is a cross-platform finite analysis, solver, and multiphysics simulation software. It helps in simulation real-life designs, processes, and devices. It works based on advanced numerical methods. COMSOL software provides an integrated development environment and a unified workflow for acoustics, mechanical, electrical, fluid, and chemical applications. There are various modules that are available for COMSOL. This post is going to guide you on how you can download the COMSOL student version.

COMSOL student version

COMSOL student version: Overview

COMSOL is a leading simulation software that is popularly used by experts. It can help engineering and manufacturing students manage their physics-based modeling through verifying and optimizing processes and devices.  While using the COMSOL platform, students can use it to create custom modeling workflows, facilitate data sharing between models such as heat transfer, fluid flow, structural mechanics, electromagnetics, and many more.

COMSOL platform has numerous geometry modeling tools that enterprises can use in creating model parts. They do this using curves, surfaces, subjects, and Boolean operations. It also lets them define a sequence of processes to receive the data they can use for editing and parametric studies. COMSOL also helps organizations by providing them with post-processing and visualization tools. Organizations can use them to display simulation data with the use of charts, figures, graphs, and then present results in CSV, text, DAT, and excel format.

As a student, COMSOL will open you to range of opportunities and prepare you early for the professional world. It has powerful features like CAD data import, predefined physics interfaces, 2D/3D modeling, automated and manual meshing. Engineering students can use COMSOL built-in equation to depict mathematical equations and expressions before they generate numerical models.

How to download COMSOL student version

COMSOL is a powerful app and every engineering student should know its functionalities. If you want to download COMSOL, the first thing to do is to create a COMSOL Access account. However, you should just log into your access account if you have signed up already.

To download the software, you need to have a subscription and a license attached to your account. You can always access their student benefits if there is any available at the moment.

When creating your account, input your name and your university. You will also need to provide your country, zip code, phone, email (schools email), and department. Once you fill in everything correctly, it will be quite easy to download the student version of COMSOL.

Features of COMSOL

After downloading COMSOL student version software, there are some astounding features that are available for you. These are some of the few features the platform will provide for you,

  • Free quad fitting in 2D and on 3D faces
  • Improved and redesigned limit conditions for liquid stream demonstrating
  • Devices for processing volume, territory, focal point of gravity, a snapshot of inactivity, and so forth.
  • Replicating of cross-sections starting with one limit then onto the next
  • Limit separation factors
  • Improved Galerkin least-squares (GLS) technique for smooth out dispersion
  • Backing for non-perfect pointwise imperatives
  • New wave and gray print colormaps
  • Improved inward strong demonstrating part
  • Worked in isolated solver

COMSOL system requirement

Just like every other software, COMSOL also has its own system requirements. As a student, you need to ensure your computer meets all requirements before using it. Once the requirements are met, the application will be able to run on your computer system effectively.

Below are the system requirements for COMSOL:

  • Ram of 4GB
  • Disk space of 2 to 13 GB.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing COMSOL documentation in PDF.
  • Intel or AMD 64 bit processor based on Intel.
  • A working network car and a stable internet connection for installation

You can check for more system requirements.

Conclusion to COMSOL student version

In summary, COMSOL is a software that is available for students to download. It provides the platform for them to calculate the behavior of interconnected or different physical models. The software has 30 sections that provide tools to perform fluid, mechanical, electrical, and chemical projects.


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