FEMAP Student Version Download – Full Version (Windows/Mac)

FEMAP is a powerful simulation application that is used to create, edit, and inspect element models of complex systems.  When using FEMAP, you can use advanced workflows to model assemblies, components, and systems. This will in turn determine the behavioural response of the model when applied in the real world. As a student, FEMAP is a great software that you can use to gain the necessary skills that will be of help in the professional world. FEMAP also works by providing data-driven and graphical results visualization and evaluation. This post will guide you on how to download the Femap student version of FEMAP software.

FEMAP: Overview

FEMAP is an acronym that stands for Finite Element Modeling and Post-processing. It is an engineering analysis program owned and sold by Siemens PLM Software. This software is useful in building the finite element models of difficult engineering problems (pre-processing) and also access solution results (post-processing).

Femap student edition

This software runs great on the Windows platform and gives computer aiding design import, meshing tools, and modeling. It uses this to create the finite model and also post-processing functionality which gives engineers the platform to interpret analysis results.

As an engineering student, you can use this platform to model assemblies, components, or systems virtually. It will let you determine how the models will behave under a set of certain conditions. FEMAP software is useful in the designing process as it helps to reduce expensive prototyping and testing, evaluate different designs, and optimize the structure for weight reduction.

Numerous engineering organizations use FEMAP to model complex products, processes, and systems such as aircraft, construction equipment, marine vessels, defence electronics, and process equipment.

How to download the Femap student version

FEMAP has a free version for students which is supposed to be used for academic purposes. The free version for students has the same simulation functionalities and capabilities as the paid commercial one.

To begin downloading, visit (, then fill in the form at the right side of the page. The form requests for the country of the academic institution, date of birth, personal information, academic institution, and graduation date. You will sign up by filling in the right and complete information. An email will be sent to your account shortly after this.

After doing all this, click on the agreement checkbox and proceed to download. Having a detailed knowledge of advanced engineering analysis by downloading the student version of Femap will be the advantage you need to excel in the professional world. You can start building your skills as a student until you eventually graduate.

The student version of FEMAP works together with NX Nastran to provide a powerful simulation solution. After downloading it, you can use the software to support your education and gain the necessary skills. The skills gained will help you stand out and excel in today’s world. This free version of FEMAP is available for any student and should only be used for academic research, homework, projects, and capstones. As long as you remain a student, the FEMAP license will not expire.

Features of FEMAP

Some of the features of FEMAP you will have access to after downloading the student version include API programming, Results Attach, NonManifold Add, Interactive meshing, Groups of Groups, Data Surface (Arbitrary 3d Data Surface), Data Surface (Output Map Data Surface), Creating load from output, Performance Graphics, Saratech Advantage, and NX NASTRAN.

Benefits of FEMAP

As a student, FEMAP is beneficial to you in great ways. Below are some of what the software is capable of doing.

  • It makes it possible to import geometry from all CAD systems
  • FEMAP provides numerous tools and commands that can be used to define materials, element properties, and set conditions to models.
  • This software also creates fast and accurate meshes of whatever model you are working on. You will have full control of the mesh and also get accurate feedback while manipulating it.
  • It has post-processing tools that will let you analyze every aspect of your solution quite easily.
  • The platform has visualization tools that integrate with excel.

System requirements to download Femap student software

Before downloading the Student version of Femap, you will be able to effectively run the software on your computer.

FEMAP can run on Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (x, Pro, and 64-bit), and Windows 10 (x 64-bit). The recommended system configuration includes: 64-bit (x64) processor, Windows operating system, 8 GB of RAM or more, screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher, widescreen format, free disk space for installation, and video adapter supporting true colour

You can check more information about the FEMAP system and configuration.

Conclusion (FEMAP student version)

In summary, you can download the student version of FEMAP easily. The software will equip every student with the necessary skill they need to excel in the professional world.


Student Version

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