How to Get Adobe Creative Cloud for Students

In this post, we will show you how to get Adobe Creative Cloud for students. You will also learn how to sign in with your school ID, download the Creative Cloud app and start a free trial. So, what is Creative Cloud? Creative Cloud gives you access to the best Adobe apps that you can get in the world. Also, it gives you services for video, design, photography, and the web. Furthermore, it is easy to use and it has integrated tutorials and templates too. In addition, it has all you need as a beginner or a pro, to take action on your dreams according to your inspiration. Similarly, you can install the app on your Desktop just like all the other Adobe products. Also, the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app enables you to download and install Creative Cloud for single or all app plans.

So, if you wish to download each Creative Cloud desktop apps as a Single App, which include Photoshop student version, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Muse, Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Edge Inspect, Edge Animate, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Adobe Audition, Speed Grade, InCopy, and Prelude, you can do so. Whereas, if you want the Creative Cloud ALL Apps package subscription that has 20+ Creative Cloud apps, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe XD and more, you can equally do so.

Adobe collection comes free with any Adobe Creative Cloud plan. And the initial pricing for students plan is at US$19.99 per month. This is affordable for most students. To begin the tutorial, let us learn more about the features of this app and other things you need to know to get the adobe creative cloud for student easily.

Plans and pricing of Adobe Creative Cloud for students
Adobe creative cloud pricing plans

Features of Adobe Creative student plan

  • You can download and install apps using the creative cloud desktop app
  • Look for images on Adobe Stock
  • Make use of the Activity Stream to view all your interactions with Creative Cloud
  • You can Sync and share files
  • Look for design assets within the app
  • You can also add fonts from the Type Kit

System requirements for getting Adobe Creative Cloud for students

The newest version of Creative Cloud apps does not work on some older versions of Windows OS like Windows 7 and Mac. Get details here. So upgrade your operating system or get older versions of the creative cloud app.

Terms and Conditions

To be eligible to use the Adobe Creative Cloud for students and teachers, you must be a student 13 and older or a teacher to buy an Adobe Creative Cloud complete subscription at the bargain price of $239.88 per year (at $19.99 per month) But, you must be committed for 12 months. However, at the end of the 1 year, you will buy software at the normal price of US$359.99/year (US$29.99/mo) except you change or cancel your subscription.

Adobe Creative Cloud for students - InterfaceWhile trying to get the Adobe CC for students, please note that at checkout, you must state the name of your school and show whether you are a student, educator, or administrator and prove it with your school ID. Furthermore, all Adobe Creative Cloud apps are available with a subscription. You either subscribe for a single app or all apps in the creative cloud app. And you can pay monthly or annually. Learn more.

Steps to get Adobe Creative Cloud for students

Sign in to

  1. Start a web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and go to
  2. And click Sign In at the top right part of of the page. You have to enter your University or College email address in the email field, and then choose the password field.
  3. Next, select the Enterprise ID (company or school account) if you are shown a choice.
  4. At this point, you will be directed to the Duo authentication page to complete sign-in. So type in your College or University username and password to sign in to your Adobe account.

Download and install the Creative Cloud App for  students

  1. Look at the top right corner of the page, and click the menu icon that resembles a network of 9 boxes.
  2. And under the Web Apps and Services section, choose Creative Cloud.
  3. Just click on the blue button that says Download Apps, and then click on the blue Download button below Creative Cloud.
  4. Next, look for the installer that you just downloaded in your Computers Downloads folder and double-click on it to install it on your computer.
  5. Then launch the Creative Cloud app and start using it to manage all the Adobe creative cloud apps.
  6. You can then open the apps Catalog to browse products and select what you want to download.
  7. So, start using the adobe creative cloud for student and other apps in the Creative Cloud Suite.
  8. Learn more about the Creative Cloud.


How to Get Adobe Creative Cloud free trial as a student

Because, you cannot get the Adobe Creative Cloud for students without paying for it, you can try the software for 7 days to see if it is what you need. So, let us show you how you can get a free trial.

adobe creative cloud for student
Adobe Creative Cloud free trial page
  1. Go to and click-free Trial
  2. Select “Creative cloud“ and click start free trial
  3. To start free 7 days, click start free trial
  4. Choose a plan: Select student and teacher plan and click start a free trial to get the discounted price.
  5. Enter your email address accept the terms of use and click continue
  6. Next, Enter your payment information, and click start free trial. Note that your free trial starts, when you complete the check out verification and it lasts for seven days. After which, the trial will automatically convert to a paid Creative Cloud membership, unless you cancel the trial before the 7 days expires.
  7. To get you closer to the creative cloud free trial, click on continue to Verification.
  8. At this point, Adobe payment processor will verify your payment card and if it is confirmed then, you will get access to the Creative Cloud Suite to download creative cloud All Apps plan to your computer.
  9. You may have to sign in to the Creative Cloud website again using your Adobe ID and password
  10. After the payment card is confirmed, your app will start downloading. And the creative cloud desktop app which you had installed earlier will now manage the rest of the installation procedure.
  11. Your creative clouds app free trial will install and launch automatically.
  12. That is how to get the Adobe Creative Cloud for students.


How to cancel your student subscription on Adobe Creative Cloud

  • To cancel your Creative Cloud free trial, you have to sign in to your Adobe ID account with your Adobe ID (that is usually your email) and password.
  • And under Plans, click on Manage plan for the subscription you want to cancel
  • Next, under Plan and payment, click on Cancel plan.
  • And state the reason you want to cancel the trial, and then click on Continue.
  • On the screen that opens, you can choose another plan, keep your plan, continue with cancellation, or chat with Adobe Customer Care.
  • But if you go on with the cancellation, you will receive an email to confirm that you have successfully cancelled your subscription. Learn more.


In this post, we explained how to get Adobe Creative Cloud for students. And you also learned how to sign in with your school ID, download the Creative Cloud app and start a free trial. The free trial will last for 7 days. Therefore, cancel the trial before it ends to avoid getting a month’s bill if you do not want it anymore.


Student Version

On this website, you will get guides on how to get any software version for students. If you need help, kindly get in touch
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