How to get Vimeo for students

Video making is one of the most powerful tools in most business. However, knowing how to make videos is not enough if you cannot share them with the public. Vimeo is one of the many ways you can share your videos with the public. You can use it to host promo videos, funny videos, explainer videos, and many more. Vimeo is a video streaming platform for content creators.  It is available to be used by everyone irrespective of their skill level. Vimeo is also a great application for students that are into making videos for the internet. It lets users customize, upload and promote their videos. The application has numerous capabilities and functions that can be found elsewhere.

In 2004, some filmmakers came together to create a platform that will satisfy all their streaming needs. Vimeo is one of the leading streaming platforms out there due to its professional-looking video and other unique qualities. Vimeo is used by any professional you can think of. Filmmakers, animators, graphic designers, video editors are some of the people that have created great projects using Vimeo. Students can also use Vimeo to learn and develop the knowledge they will need to succeed in creating video contents. This post will guide you on how to do that easily.

Vimeo for students

Benefits of using Vimeo for students

There is a reason why Vimeo is one of the best out there and this is because of how beneficial it has been to users. The application has numerous features that give it the ability to produce high-quality videos and audios. The first thing about Vimeo is that it has a clean and friendly interface. Students do not need to worry about any difficulty while using it. It is very easy to create high end and quality contents. There is no reason to be worried about losing your quality while uploading your videos. The projects created using Vimeo are clear.

Another great thing about Vimeo is that you can customize your account any way you want. Whatever you want your account to look like professionally is your choice. You will also have full control over your videos and you can make the decisions on what you want your users to see. Vimeo can also be used to host videos on websites. Vimeo has lots of benefits to offer students that want to make social media videos. They will have access to stock videos and music to enable them to publish their videos on social media using multiple formats. Vimeo has a feature that makes it possible to match music to the length of your video. This and many more are some of the ways Vimeo is highly beneficial to users.

How to get Vimeo for students

Vimeo is available to students, individuals, and many people that want to share their creations. If you want this program as a student, the first thing to do will be to go to the Vimeo official website. Once there, all the Vimeo plan will be on the screen. They have the Plus, Pro, and Business. The best thing about using this application is that you can use it for 30 days without paying. Vimeo offers every new user thirty days trial period.

Click on the start free trial button below whatever plan you want to proceed with. Create an account if you don’t have one yet and then provide every other information so that you can continue to your trial. If you do not want to go on with the plan, ensure to cancel before 30 days elapses to avoid being charged. Once your trial period is over, you can now move on to start using the paid version of the app. We will discuss any discount that Vimeo might have for students later in the post.

Pricing of Vimeo for students

At the moment, Vimeo does not offer any special plan to students. Once the 30 days is over and you still want to have access to the quality functions Vimeo provide, you will have to choose one of their many plans. Vimeo Plus is 7$, Pro is $20 Business is $50, and premium is $75 every month. The first two is the advisable Vimeo subscription for students that want access to a paid subscription. You will enjoy the quality and premium features. You can check more information about their prices.

Vimeo for students: pricing

However, for students that do not want to go ahead with purchasing a plan, Vimeo has a basic plan with basic features and functions. This plan limits your weekly storage, unlike other premium services. You can Join Vimeo and begin to use their basic plans.


Finally, students will be able to get Vimeo very easily after reading through this post. Vimeo is a video streaming platform that provides you with functions to share your videos with the public. Whatever content you are creating can be shared with your target audiences using Vimeo.


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