How to get Doodly student discount

Doodly is one of the best whiteboard animation software in the market. It is among the most powerful marketing tools in today’s world. They are used to pass information and explain ideas to people in various designs. This software is used in the marketing, entertainment, and educational industries. This post is going to explain how to get a Doodly student discount.

Whiteboard animation is an effective way to capture people’s attention. Doodly is one of the easiest whiteboard software today. It comes with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface with thousands of custom-drawn images. Whether you are a novice or pro, you will be able to use this software easily.  You can use it in creating sketches that will serve as learning purposes in schools or on social media. There are lots of images in the Doodly library that you can use and customize to meet your needs.

How to get Doodly student discount

Visit their website: and click on Try Doodly and follow the instructions to get your discount as a student.

Doodly student discount

As a student, you need to find ways to reduce expenses. Since there are lots of software out there that offers special pricing for a student, it is only necessary to check whether Doodly has any discount for you or not. Well, Doodly does not offer any discount for students at the moment. You can always keep your eyes out for when they will start doing that. They do not offer any trial version, so there is no way to download Doodly software and use it for free. You either have to opt for the monthly or yearly plan. However, the only guarantee you have to a discount is the 30-days money-back guarantee for new subscribers.

Doodly has two different subscription plans you can choose from. You can subscribe to the monthly plan which is $39 or the annual which is $20 as a student. The great thing about subscribing is that you have a 30 days money guarantee. What this means is that you can cancel your subscription before 30 days elapse and get your money back. So, there is no reason to worry about losing your money the software does not satisfy your needs. As long as it falls short of expectations, you can get your money back. So, when you are first signing in, you can opt for the monthly plan.

To get the software, navigate to the Doodly website and click on bu Doodly. Once you have done that, choose the relevant package and then proceed. Once you have filled in your name and payment information, you have become a licensed Doodly owner. Now, you can install it on your system and start making whiteboard videos.

Benefits of Doodly to student

Doodly is the best whiteboard animation you can get as a student. It can be discouraging since Doodly has no student discount but it is quite cheap if you compare its features and functions. The software is highly beneficial to students. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will be able to navigate the software easily without any problem.

The software has thousands of customized images for students or other individuals they choose from. These images are professionally designed by graphic designers. They have different characters in various poses. It does not matter the type of project you are creating videos for, there will always to something you can choose to design it. Even if you cannot find a suitable character, you can always request the one that will suit your needs.

Features of Doodly

Students will benefit greatly from Doodly. The application is recommended for students that are learning animation as it is quite easy to use. There are also various tutorials that will aid you if you have any challenges.

Features of Doodly

Even though Doodly does not offer any discount to students, there are still amazing features you can access when you purchase the software. Some of these are:

  • Canvases: There are different canvases you can choose from when creating sketches. They are green board, glass board, blackboard, and whiteboard.
  • Video Editing: As students, editing videos can be very difficult. Doodly can make editing very easy and simple to do for you. You can easily duplicate, arrange, and delete scenes.
  • Offline: Although Doodly does not offer any student discount, one of its best features is that you can work without an internet connection. This makes the software one of a kind.
  • Multiple Images: There are thousands of pre-built images with characters that have different poses to choose from. The doodly library has multiple props and backgrounds to choose from.
  • Easy sharing: You can share your Doodly videos with other students or any social media platform of your choice.

Conclusion on Doodly student discount

In summary, Doodly does not have any current student discount. The close thing you can get to a discount is the 30 days money guarantee you get if you cancel your subscription on time. You can do this if you are not satisfied with its services.


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