How to download Minitab for students

In this post, you will learn how to download Minitab for students. What is Minitab? Minitab is a potent statistical software for everyone.  Also, you can use it to examine data and to discover meaningful answers to difficult problems that you face. For instance, Minitab 19 helps you to study big sets of data better, quicker and in a simple way. So, whether you are a professional or a student you can use the service. Besides, Minitab software will enable you to explore a comprehensive set of statistics and give you visual insights.

Also, Minitab Support is there to guide you so that you know how to use the integrated features of the platform. And help you to take advantage of the training opportunities and resources you can use for free.

Minitab for students
Minitab User Interface

Furthermore, the licensing options for academic customers include single-user rentals from $29.99 USD for 6 months or 12-month rental at $49.99 USD from
Minitab Pricing Plan

While there is multi-user and university-wide license for an academic institution for use in the classroom or computer lab, site licensing and university system. There is no free license for students but a student can get access to either of those two licenses or opt for a 30-day full-featured free trial. The software can be used on either your Windows and macOS. Therefore, to enable you to get the software, in this post we will show you how to get Minitab for students.

Downloading Minitab for students

Note: Some countries like Iraq, Cuba, Myanmar, North Korea, and Sudan are not eligible for any discount.

System Requirements

Windows Operating System: Windows 7 SP – Windows 10, RAM: 4 GB, Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or later. macOS Operating System: Mojave (macOS 10.14), Hard Disk Space: 500 MB (minimum) free space present

Steps to get Minitab for students

You will need to Download the Minitab 2019 – 20 license file from your school or university. So depending on the kind of license your school has, you may qualify for a Minitab for students discount if you choose to rent it as a single user or use the campus-wide license. And to qualify for download you must be actively studying in an eligible university. So, go to your college website to download the Installer.

  1. To get software visit your college Minitab Download page if you bought from your school store to download the Minitab 2019-20 license file. To get the file, look for it on the online order confirmation page, below the Download Software link.
  2. Next, Download the Minitab 19.1.1 installer archive from the university Minitab page. The file name will be
  3. So, Right-click on the installer archive and choose Extract All. You will get a prompt to select a location to save the files.
  4. Just choose the Desktop, and then create a new folder called “Minitab” on the Desktop.
  5. Inside that folder, you will see minitab19.1.1.0setup.x64.exe and minitab19.1.1.0setup.x86.exe.
  6. Choose your Windows version 32 or 64 bit. And then double-click on the file
  7. For 64 bit computer choose minitab19.1.1.0setup.x64.exe and for 32 bit choose minitab19.1.1.0setup.x86.exe.
  8. And then Accept the default installer options until you get to the place where it requires you to activate the software.
  9. At this point, choose to Activate with a License, and then click on Next to get Minitab for students.
  10. This is the page where you have to choose a licensing method, so click on File, and then browse.
  11. Go on and browse to the license file location you had used in step 1 above. The file is named Minitab.lic.
  12. Then choose the file, click on Open, then click on Next.
  13. In the next window that opens, click on Next again, and then click on Install.
  14. And when you finish installing the software successfully, you will see a message on your screen that says “Completed Minitab 19 Setup.”
  15. And, you will see a new Minitab shortcut on your desktop.
  16. That is how to download Minitab for students for your Windows PC.
  17. Note that to download the file for a macOS you should follow a similar procedure.
  18. Finally, you should learn how to use software including the latest documentation about it.

Minitab Student

Minitab for students: Conclusion

In this article, we explored how to download Minitab for students. To get the software you either rent it through or get it through your school store. Either way, you have to pay to use it. But some Universities that have a training license may allow students to download it free. Besides, you can also have the software and try it for 30 days. But, the most cost-effective way is to get it by using your University or College. Try it today.


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