How to get Socrative for students

Find out how to download Socrative for students. Socrative is an online tool used by teachers to start conversations with students through the use of polls and quizzes. The software requires no download and it is available for use on Microsoft Windows, Chrome, and Apple. It can also be accessed via web browsers on smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and mobile phones. When using Socrative, educators can ask a question and students can access these questions with a room code. Once they submit a response, the teacher will be able to see it on their own end. Educators can then display the outcome of students for everyone to see.

Educators on Socrative can ask questions and allow for true/false, multiple-choice, or a sentence response. They will also be able to give feedback on each of their students that participates in these educational activities. Students can also participate in other activities like Space Race. They divide into teams then begin to answer questions as fast as they can. Teachers will be able to determine their teams and also access their outcomes. This post is going to teach you can to get Socrative for students.Socrative for students: Homepage

How can Socrative benefit students?

Socrative is a simple platform that works on any internet-enabled device. It is an educational and assessment tool that lets educators create content and raise students’ engagement. Students can participate in competitions and assessments that will positively impact their education. There is full flexibility in how teachers ask questions and explanations to students. Students can also respond anonymously in the class which can help those who find it difficult to engage in a traditional classroom. Socrative helps to foster communication and interaction in education. The platform helps students improve their critical thinking so they can respond to questions meaningfully.

There is a high level of engagement on Socrative as teachers can customize questions. They can offer tons of feedback options simply to challenge students. Additionally, the text-to-speech feature can also reach and help as many students as possible. There are so many ways Socrative can be beneficial to students academically. It is a tool that every teacher should introduce to their classroom for a better and engaging learning experience.

How to get Socrative for students

It is very easy to get Socrative as students. You do not need to create an account, all that is needed is for a teacher to sign up. For a teacher to do this, you need to go to on your web browser. Then, click on the sign up for free in the middle of the page. Once you do this, you will be directed to a new page. Here, you can use the signup button under the free account.

The next page will prompt you to create a new teacher’s account. Fill in the name by entering your name, email, and password. Complete every required information before you can complete your account creation. Once you have done that, students can now begin to join your class.

Students can log into their class by providing the room name that must have been given to them by an instructor. Socrative only requires teachers to create their accounts and then proceed to create a room. Students will have to join these rooms and start participating in quizzing, races, and questions.

Socrative login page for students
Login page

Pricing of Socrative

Socrative for students has a free version which it also offers to instructors. This version has the following features:

  • 1 public room
  • The public room is accessible to 50 students
  • Sharing of assessment results
  • Accessibility to Space Race
  • Integration with the state and common core standards
  • Online help center

The paid version of Socrative provides more upgraded and premium features. It is $29.99 yearly and offers:

  • 20 private or public rooms
  • 50 students can access each room
  • Class links can be shared with students
  • Sharing of quiz results
  • Students have restricted access
  • The roster can be imported to Excel
  • Email support


In summary, Socrative for students does not require an account before using it. All they need to do is join a classroom after their teacher has already created an account. Socrative is a simple and easy platform to navigate so students will not have any challenges using them. It is a fun and engaging software for kids to learn as long as instructors keep asking challenging questions.  This post has provided a guide for educators and students that want to be part of Socrative.


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