How to Get Sibelius Students Discount

This article is on how to get Sibelius students discount. This is for professional instrumentalist or a music student. Getting the Sibelius software will enable you to enhance your music composition skills, arrange, and engrave music without any limits. Furthermore, the software will make you more creative and make your music sound better. Besides, with the improvements on the software, you can edit, print, and share scores. You can also work with added advanced notation and layout tools.

Sibelius students discount
Sibelius Editing Interface
Students’ Requirements to get the software

Moreover, provides substantial educational Sibelius students discount. But to get the discounts you must be an active student in a school, college, university, a teacher or an educator and meet other conditions. Some of the conditions include being a University or college student studying in an accredited government or private institution. A student in a junior, vocational college that grants degrees, home school or secondary school.

Besides, you may buy software directly from the Authorized Resellers or from Avid itself. Other requirements include a verification of your claims to be a student. You can prove your claim by using a student ID, having your name, school name, and current academic term. Other document are Tuition statement, an official letter from the registrars of your school, grade report copy, and so on. But once you meet the various criteria as a student, you can then buy the Sibelius Students Discount.

However, to buy the software, you may consider either a subscription or outright purchase. You are also allowed to apply for a 30-day free trial of the Pro Tools, Media Composer or Sibelius. Therefore, to take you closer to the software discount, allow us to show you the steps for getting the Sibelius for students discount right away.

Limitations of the offer

For the Sibelius students discount, Avid educational pricing is restricted to some areas. It is not available in some countries like Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, and Serbia. Also, student and teachers can only by one copy of the product  (Pro Tools, Sibelius, Ultimate and Media Composer, and Ultimate) for an individual for each year.

System requirements

To know the minimum system requirement for your download to be successful on your Windows and Mac OS, you need to check for these details here. If you meet these requirements, then you can go on to get the Sibelius students discount.


Avid specifications for the product differ. This is depending on the chosen plan. For example, if you download Sibelius Ultimate Software, what you will get are a sound library of 36 GB of professional samples, additional software, and support of one-year software update throughout your subscription.

Steps to follow to get the Sibelius for Students discount

  1. Visit the education page
  2. Select a plan. Then click on Subscribe Now button to pay monthly for the Sibelius for Students Discount.
  3. Click on Add to Cart. Then, click on Check out. You may apply a promo code. That is if you have.
  4. Examine “Customers also bought page”. Then, click on Take me to check out.
  5. Sign in with your email and password or click on Create an account if you do not have.
  6. Enter your email address. Then, click Next.
  7. Enter your name country, university and state or province and click the submit button.
  8. Then, you will see a page with the Order details for educational purchase, additional proof of eligibility and verification code.
  9. Visit the identity verification page at
  10. Go to your email address. Open it and respond to the requirement provided to continue with the process of getting the Sibelius Students Discount.
  11. Next, click on Upload Documents. (Also confirm the document they accept before you upload it).
  12. Go back and enter (.edu) email and your password again and submit the requirements.
  13. Once Avid approves the document that you have submitted, then you are cleared to get the discount.
  14. Therefore, follow the onscreen instruction to make payment with your credit card.
  15. Next, go ahead and open your email. Then, click on the Download link to download the product. Note: This link will also be on the Order page too.
  16. Now enter your email address and the product verification code. Follow the instructions on the website to complete the registration and activation procedure.
  17. When you finish or complete these tasks, you will then receive your product and download link.
  18. That is how to get Sibelius students discount.
  19. So, go ahead download and install your product and begin to use the software.

Price and Plans for Sibelius Students discount

Sibelius costs $9.99 monthly. You can also buy Ultimate at Education Pricing. It costs $299. While the Ultimate Education Bundle costs $599.

Sibelius students discount: Conclusion

To get the Sibelius Students Discount, you need to be in an eligible school and have the means of proving to that you are indeed a student in an approved school. Buy the software from either registered resellers or direct from You may choose to buy or subscribe after you have proven that you are a student. Then, you will buy at a discount. Try the Avid education offer today to enable your music to be heard all over the world.


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