How to Get Sketchup Pro Student License

If you like to make designs, or you are an architect, a mechanical oriented person, a student of architecture or video games maker, this article is for you. In the post, we will show you how to get SketchUp Pro student license at a discount. What is SktechPro? SketchUp is a 3D modeling commercial software developed by Trimble. It has some of the best tools of popular programs like Rhino, 3ds Max, and AutoCAD built into it. SketchUp was formerly Google Sketchup. You use the software for interior and architectural designs, film and video game designs, and civil and mechanical engineering designs. There is a free but limited SketchUp software. It runs fully in the Cloud. Also, you can try fully functional Sketch up free for 30 days.

Besides, you have a free version of SketchUp for schools available to any primary or secondary school available for students but they must sign up using G Suite for Education. But, students and educators can buy the license at a discount. In addition, as a student, you must be enrolled at a recognized public or private university or college that grants degrees. And K-12 Students must be enrolled at a qualified public or private school providing full-time instruction. Furthermore, SketchUp Pro Studio for student’s prices starts, from $55 per year. And other versions of the software that costs $135 and $175 per year. The three are fully functional products but the costlier one has Rendering with SU Podium V2.5 plus and Dibac added to its features.

SketchUp pro
SketchUp pro User Interface

Now you that you are familiar with the SketchUp offer, let us show you how to get SketchUp pro for student now.


Sketch educational license has expirations date and you can renew when it expires. But you have to provide academic proof to get the discount. If you are abroad you can buy through a reseller. The document you need to prove your identity as a student are school ID, report card, transcript, tuition bill, and authorized enrollment certificate. in addition, all these documents must have dates within 6 months. And you have to send them to a third party called for processing.

System Requirements

Before beginning your quest to get the SketchUp pro for student, here are the system requirements for both Windows and Mac OS. You need Windows 10, Windows 8, 8.1 and  Windows 7 while for the Mac OS 10.14 or higher (Mojave), Mac OS 10.13+ (High Sierra), and 10.12 or higher (Sierra). Learn more.

Steps to get SketchUp pro for student

  1. Visit this Trimble page at
  2. Click on Plans and Pricing and select Sketch Studio for Students and click on Find a Reseller.
  3. Next, select a region. Click the drop-down menu and choose your region.
  4. Also, click on Visit Website of Reseller.
  5. And choose Sketch Studio 1 year License and click on it.
  6. Select whether to buy the product that cost $55 or the one that cost $135 per year and the last one that cost $175.
  7. And click on Buy. You will see  2 products in the cart so click Remove so that you can pay for one product unless you want the two.
  8. So, click on Remove and click the update button on the far left side of the shopping cart.
  9. Next, click on Proceed to Checkout
  10. On the next page enter Your Contact Information, Billing address, Payment method, and Academic proof and then verify the Items on Order,
  11. Go through the information and then click on ‘Place order’ to get the SketchUp pro for student.
  12. Once you submit this Order, your payment card will be verified and charged.
  13. And then you will receive a link on the page to submit your Academic proof
  14. Once your academic proof is confirmed, your order will be processed. And, you will get an email from the Reseller. It will contain the SketchUp pro for student license and other details in your email in 24 hours.
  15. That is how to get SketchUp pro for student.

SketchUp pro for student: Conclusion

In the article is about how to get SketchUp pro for student. You can get the license to use for one year at a discount when you buy through authorized resellers of the Software. But you must submit your ID and document to Trimble’s reseller to verify that you are a student. And then enter your credit card to buy the software. Also, once the reseller confirms your claim, you will get access to download the product in one business day.


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