How to Download FL Studio For Students

The love for music is universal. And when you are sad you can find the type of music that will soothe your mood. And as a music student, you should be ready to try all kinds of software to improve your academic and professional standing. This article is a guide on how to download fl studio for students. We all know that making music takes a lot of imagination, superb equipment, and intuitive software.   FL Studio is software that you need to make excellent music.

What is FL Studio?

FL Studio is a full software and music-making environment and if you like, you can call it a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). And this software is presently among the top-rated and most sought-after digital audio workstation many professional and resourceful artists use. With its unique features, you can compose music, arrange it, record and edit too.

fl studio for students
FL Studio Editing Interface

Besides, you are able to mix and master your music and create quality music like a professional. The Fl software offers commercial and Educational Licenses. So as a student you can get a discount provided you are eligible. The software has an academic and student version of FL Studio. But to get it, you must provide proof to resellers. In addition, there are two categories of academic license. The Single license or one program and the Studio Signature Bundle containing a minimum of 10 licenses. Moreover, the FL Studio box programs at an academic price are not different in features from the download FL Studio versions. So, to advance further and enable you to lay your hands on the discount, we are presenting you with the fl studio for students tutorial.

Limitations of the fl student discount

You cannot buy academic licenses in FL’s own webshop. And you cannot sell or rent music you make using the academic version of FL Studio. Also, the student must prove their accreditation to the reseller to get a discount. And you cannot buy Academic single license software directly from Image-Line.

Document Resellers needed from students and educators

The following document is requested to prove that you are a student. They are a dated student or faculty ID card, fee receipt, course schedule, pay-stub, or employment contract with a school and non-profit or government organization.

Steps to get the fl studio for students software

  1. Visit the academic page at
  2. Here you will get a list of accredited resellers and music shops all over the world. So choose the one that you will like to buy from.
  3. Decide whether to buy a single license or a bundle plan.
  4. Click on the reseller or music shop you like and when the website opens search for the Fl studio you want to buy using your academic price.
  5. Click on the product to compare the retail and academic price and confirm the actual discount on the product. And note the verification requirement for that Music shop or Reseller
  6. Next, Click on the price and choose Academic price and then click on the shopping cart. And if you look below the Sub Total of the price, you will notice the requirement for Academic Verification. And when you complete the order, you will get an email with a link for you to upload your document.
  7. To proceed, and to get your fl studio for students software, click on Check Out Securely.
  8. A new page opens and requests that you sign in or create an account. So, create an account and confirm the account because the Reseller will use the account to contact you after the purchase.
  9. After creating an account, click on Continue to go to the check out page.
  10. Enter your personal details, address, postal code, telephone, and then click on Continue to Checkout.
  11. Then enter your payment details. You can pay with either a credit card or debit card or PayPal. And your account is charged
  12. But you won’t get access to download the product until they complete the verification exercise.
  13. So open your .edu email and see the details of the document needed for the verification.
  14. Next, follow a link in the email back to the shop and Upload the document. Or go to the shop and log in to your account and upload the needed document.
  15. Then you will receive acknowledgment in your email to give you an update. Also, the status of your order will change from Verification required to Processing order. And when it is shipped, the status will change to Shipped or electronically shipped for downloads.
  16. When the order is shipped you will receive it in 3 business days. You will now have access to download the software. So follow the instructions in the email from the shop.
  17. Download and install the FL Studio product and start using it to create your music.
  18. That is how to download fl studio for students.

FL studio for students: Conclusion

In this post, we shared how you can get fl studio for students. You get it by going to the FL Studio website and getting a list of the authorized resellers and music store. And to get an academic discount, you need to send your document to the reseller’s shop for verification. Once it is confirmed you will get access to download the software.


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