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Office home and student 2021 apps

What is Office Home and Student 2021 ?

Office Home and Student 2021 is a package of the essential Microsoft apps for students including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Windows 11 and 10.

Why it’s the Package You Need

Want to type essays, create charts from complex data, or tell your audience a story with your presentations? With Office Home and Student 2021, you can. As we mentioned, you get the essential apps as part of the package such as:

Word- with even more features and tools like captions, audio descriptions, and text to speech. Anything to make writing those looong essays feel easier, right?

Excel- complete with improvements to enhance how you work with complex data. There are new chart types and it’s super easy to get insights and identify trends from your data.

PowerPoint- Interactive summary slides that help you and your audience stay focused. Plus, Zoom is now included so you can tell a story and bring your presentations to life.

How to Get Office Home and Student 2021 

To get the package, go to the product page.

Click the ‘Buy Now’ button and go through the secure checkout.

After you buy the package, you’ll get an activation code and a download link. Once you click on the link, Office Home and Student 2021 will download to your PC or Mac.

What Does Office Home and Student 2021 cost?

The package is a one-time purchase version of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office users have to pay a subscription to use the package. With Office Home and Student 2021, you pay once and get lifetime license and usage.

The current price is £119.99 GBP ($149 USD). The price includes word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Teams. There’s also Microsoft support for the first 60 days at no extra cost.

What are the System Requirements?

The system requirements are: Windows 10 Version 1809 or later, Windows 11, macOS Catalina or later, and Windows Server 2019 or later. The package is available in 102 languages.


Office and Home Student 2021 is a must for any student who wants a package of must-have essentials to aid their studies. From word for faultless essays to Excel for data analysis, and PowerPoint for insightful presentations, this package has it all. Our verdict, pay once and get a lifetime of access seems like a great deal to us!




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