How To Get Alibaba Cloud For Students

In this post, we will explain how to get Alibaba Cloud for students. As you are aware, Cloud computing is gradually taking the world by the storm. As we write this article, most major services are gradually migrating to the cloud. Therefore, to maintain the infrastructure and give you the knowledge about this service, we are bringing you a popular cloud service provider called Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud service has more than 2.3 million customers all over the world. It is a partner to the Olympic Games. If you join the service, you will have access to vast coverage of its international cloud network. This coverage reaches up to 20 data centre regions.

Moreover, your data is safe because it has the highest level of compliance with the deployment of PCI DSS for payments. It also meets Germany’s C5 standard and more. Also, the Alibaba Cloud platform is vast in data sorting technology, DDoS protection, and fast volume processing for e-commerce transactions.

Finally, Alibaba Cloud service is an award-winning service provider in the Asia Pacific market and infrastructure utility service. Alibaba Cloud is proud and excited to give students all over the world the platform to become IT and cloud professionals soon. So, if you are eligible, you will get access to cloud computing and e-learning resources instantly. However, the offer is limited by region. Hence, you must live in the selected countries and regions to get the Alibaba Cloud platform.

Let us proceed to give you the needed information to get Alibaba cloud for students right away.

alibaba cloud for students
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How to get Alibaba cloud for students

Limitations of the offer

You must live in a selected country or region to be eligible for the program. You will be subjected to verification of your student status.

Steps to get Alibaba cloud for students

  1. To register for an Alibaba Cloud account, go to the Alibaba cloud education page
  2. Then, click on create an account. Enter your .edu email address. Then, agree to the term of use. After that, click on Confirm.
  3. Next, go back to email to confirm your email address. Do this by clicking on the link in the email from Alibaba Cloud.
  4. Next, you should add a payment method. You may use a credit card for faster processing time.
  5. Also, the Alibaba Cloud payment processor will validate your payment card by debiting your account and reversing the entry. You are not charged anything for joining the Alibaba cloud for students’ program.
  6. Next, you have to verify that you are a student. Do this by entering your email and password on a page. Also, here is the link to the verification page.
  7. Note, if you added PayPal as your payment card instead of a credit card, you must also verify your identity.
  8. If you do not have a credit card or if the name on your credit card is different from the one on the registration record, then you will need to do identification of your identity first, before doing your student verification.
  9. After the verification and once you are qualified, you will receive 10 courses free.
  10. And be trained to have an Apsara Clouder Technical Certifications. This is to help you quickly understand how to use Alibaba Cloud and its applications.
  11. Besides, you will have a chance to explore over 30 other courses on the platform free.
  12. That is how to get Alibaba cloud for students.

The benefits of the service to students

The Alibaba cloud for students’ account will enable you to buy Elastic Compute Service cloud server for $0.99 (giving you a savings of up to $687.93). It will also let you take part in the ten free training courses. Besides, for registering your student account, you will also receive a 50GB data transfer voucher per month for up to 12 months after buying your Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance.

alibaba cloud for students
Alibaba Cloud Pricing Plans

Free course on the Alibaba cloud account

Here are some of the courses you will enjoy for registering for the Alibaba Cloud account. They include:

  • Apsara Clouder Technical Certifications
  • operate and manage a cloud server
  • manage object storage on the cloud
  • also, manage a relational database
  • migrate data to a big data platform
  • scale python on cloud
  • process structured data with python
  • and cloud security overview
  • besides, you will learn how to secure your data on Alibaba cloud


In this post, we showed you how to sign up for Alibaba cloud for students. To sign up, you must be a student. You must also be eligible for the offer. Furthermore, you must verify your student identity to have access to the platform and enjoy a discount to Elastic Compute Service cloud server and 50 GB data transfer voucher for a year.


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