Build Your App the Easy Way with Heroku


Are you a student with a burning idea for a great app? Heroku is cloud-based platform that makes building, running, and managing apps simple. No need to deal with servers and all that jazz; all you have to focus on is becoming a better developer.

Why Heroku?

The platform supports you to learn and grow


With Heroku, you can get started building your app with your favourite language and framework. As you get going, you can experiment and learn, and there’s support if you want to grow. Some students have successfully taken their app start-ups and turned them into viable going concerns. Whatever your vision for your app, the flexibility and support is there.

You can get your app up and running quickly

You can deploy to Heroku in several different ways. Deploy on every push to Git Hub, build and push a docker image, and much more.

Choose how you develop your app

Develop your app, your way using the most popular languages and frameworks as well as plenty of customisable options.

Trial and error won’t cost you a bomb

Got a new idea or want to try out that prototype? You can do it at low cost on Heroku. You can also access add-ons for free courtesy of some providers on the platform.

Access over 200 add-ons

In just a couple of clicks, you can add on services like error tracking and monitoring to support the development and operation of your app.

It’s a fully-managed platform 

If you want to focus on creating and testing your app rather than managing servers and hardware, you can. Heroku staff monitor everything from performance to infrastructure issues.

Run into trouble? There’s an article for that

The Heroku Dev Center has everything you need from technical documents, getting started guides, learning resources, and much more to help you on your developer journey.

Heroku for students-what’s the deal?

For students enrolled in the GitHub Student Developer Pack, there’s a special offer available. You can continue to explore the Heroku developer experience throughout your course and afterwards, with even more resources at your disposal. Yep, that’s right, apply for the offer and you could have even more resources to play with in your GitHub Student Developer Pack.

How do I get the special offer?

Enroll in the GitHub Student Developer Pack (if you’ve not already done so) and click on the Heroku offer.

Sign up for a Heroku account, or if you already have one, log in to your account.

Apply for the Heroku for GitHub Students offer.





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