How to get Malwarebytes student discount

In this article, we will explain how you can get the Malwarebytes student discount. We all know that using your devices on the web exposes them to attacks by a virus, Trojan or malware. So it is better to buy premium protection than to use a  free antivirus. Besides, if you are wondering what Malware is, then allow me to explain immediately. Malware means malicious software.

Malwarebytes is a top-rated internet security protection developer creating solutions to remove the malware problem from your devices. in addition, Malware is a program made to enter your computer and damage it without your permission. They pose different threats to your computer. These threats include viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, rootkits and so on. Also, there is a free Malwarebytes for Windows and Mac operating systems and a premium version. The premium version prevents malware infection continuously, like a vaccine.

Malwarebytes student discount

While the free version cleans up an existing malware infection, like a disinfectant. And currently, Malwarebytes is offering a student discount through student beans. Furthermore, Student Beans gives you free and easy access to all the best student discounts directly from these websites using your student ID. in this offer, by Malwarebytes you can unlock 4 years of protection for $5 using the Student Beans account.

So just register with Student Beans to verify your student status and then you will get your student discount right away on Malwarebytes Premium software. With this 95% discount, you are buying a product that normally costs $39.99 a year, at $5 and saving $34.99 when you use a coupon code at checkout. Besides, you will be doing a good deed as the developer has promised to donate proceeds to causes that benefit students.

Conditions for getting Malwarebytes student discount

The Malwarebytes Student Discount is for students who are actively enrolled in an educational institution. You will get the offer only through Student Beans, which operates in 52 countries.

Also, the rate for international customers is computed at the local equivalent of US$5 per device.  And at expiration after 4 years, you can renew manually at the then-current list price. However, the discount covers up to five devices, but you must purchase all at once.


You can purchase software using this discount for one student per year. Moreover, you cannot resell your Subscriptions. And the discount does not include the protection of iOS devices.

How to get the student Beans account

  1. Go to student beans website at
  2. Click on Get your free student card. Then Register for a free Student beans ID card by using facebook, Google + or email (as long as you a student and at least 16 years of age in 56 countries in the world)
  3. So, enter your personal details and click on Create account.
  4. Then verify your student status free and then use your Student Beans ID (SBID) to get instant access to any student discount that is available. Moreover, you are able to shop and get student-only discounts in over 10,000 stores online.
  5. And to verify your account, open your email and then click on the link from Student Beans. Then log in to your account.
  6. Also, find out the number of stores you can get a discount and start shopping.

How to get the Malwarebytes student discount

  1. Visit the Malwarebytes student discount page at
  2. Click on “Donate”
    Malwarebytes student discount
    Click on “Donate”
  3. Next click on Get Code and open site.
  4. And then log in with your SBID and copy this link Then you will get a one-time code to use at checkout to enjoy 95% off Malwarebytes Premium package.
  5. Next, pay for the $5 for the Malwarebytes Premium package with your credit or debit card and Paypal. The discount is applied at check out.
  6. Then the Malwarebytes payment processor will verify your credit card details and then you will get access to the product at a discount.
  7. Next, create an account at Malwarebytes Website and verify it. You will need this account, to manage your subscription, download software and get Support any time you have a problem.
  8. Also, after purchasing the software, open your email and click on the download link in your email from the Malwarebytes store. You may also download it from your personal Dashboard on the Malwarebytes website.
  9. Next, you can install your software and start using the protection for your devices.
  10. You now have the Malwarebytes student discount for 4 years of protection for $5 using your Student Beans account.


In this post, we showed you how to get the Malwarebytes student discount. You can get it by creating a student Beans account and using the discount code from the website to purchase the protection for up to 5 of your Devices. Try it today.


Student Version

On this website, you will get guides on how to get any software version for students. If you need help, kindly get in touch
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