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The latest version of ESlint was released lately. This version is a minor release and came as an upgrade to the previous version. It has tons of new features and capabilities to fix bugs in the former release. Unlike the previous ones, this new version helps the tools to be more stable. ESlint is a tool that is helpful to find, identify, and report patterns in JavaScript code. The tool makes use of AST when evaluating patterns in code. If you are searching for a tool that is suitable for identifying problems in JS Code, then ESlint is a great option. It is a great code analysis tool that has configurable and customizes rules.  Whether the issue you have is about the style of the code or the quality, ESlint will help you to identify it.

When you use ESlint, you can identify and detect problems in your JavaScript code. The tool is usually built-in with most text editors used for coding. After identification, it will then fix whatever problem you might have automatically.  ESlint is a tool that is super easy and friendly to use. This post will guide you on how to get the latest version of ESlint.

ESlint latest version

ESlint: Overview

ESlint is a code analysis tool that is helpful in identifying and detecting patterns in JavaScript code. The tool which was developed by Nicholas Zakas in 2013 is highly effective in identifying and reporting problematic patterns when writing JS code. When it was first created, it was known as JSCheck until it was renamed after one month. ESlint is a linting tool with highly configurable rules. This tool helps in reporting issues pertaining to coding style and quality. Since the first release of ESlint, the tool had had several releases.

The latest version of ESlint was released recently. The tool has had tons of updates this year and they have all have minor changes. The recent release adds new features to the existing ones the tool already has. It helps to fix tons of bugs the previous release had.   There are lots of bug fixes, enhancements, documentation, chores, and enhancements.

Installing ESlint Latest Version

Before you proceed to download ESlint, you should know the tool requires Node JavaScript with SSL support. So, you need to first download and install Node JS. Now, open up your Visual Code and type in ESlint in the extension browser on the left side. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift +X. When you enter ESlint, press enter and the tool will be displayed on your screen. Now, you can install the latest version of ESlint via Visual code.

After installation, close your VS Code and open it again. This will help in launching the tool in your editor. If you are using a previous update of ESlint, then you can follow the steps above to get the recent version. This is to enable you to have all of its latest features and capabilities. The tool has newer updates that will ensure stability and fix all the issues other versions might be having.  ESlint is multiplatform which means you can use it on Windows, MAC, or Linux operating systems.

Features of ESlint

The latest version of ESlint comes with few changes and upgrade to the existing features of the tool. Additionally, it also has new features and capabilities. Below are some of the best features the tool has:

Identity and finding problems

ESlint is a tool that is helpful in analyzing code. When it is analyzing, it will quickly detect and identify any problems in your code. It usually comes built-in most text editors. Once you get it, you will be able to quickly identify problems in the JavaScript code.


The best thing about this tool is that you can customize your own rules which have to be in line with their built-on rules. When you download the latest version of ESlint, you will be able to customize it to meet the need of your projects.

Automatic Fixing

When ESlint detects and reports problems to you in your code, it is usually fixed automatically. Once you fix these problems, you will not have to deal with them again.

Conclusion (Eslint latest version)

ESlint latest version is v 7.32.0 which was released in July 2021. The tool had had lots of minor releases this year. Each new version gets better than the former. This new version has lots of improvements and features. It will help you to quickly discover and identify any problem in your JavaScript code.


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