How to Download Snapchat Latest Version (Full Version 2021)

The latest version of Snapchat comes with lots of exciting features. To ensure the smooth running of your app, you will need to upgrade to this version. You can do this by downloading it or simply updating your app.

Snapchat is a popular social media platform that helps you share great moments with friends and families. It is one of the easiest apps to navigate. All you have to do is open your camera and you can create your snaps in no time. Since its first release till now, the application has experienced massive changes. Snapchat opens you to a whole new world of making videos. There are hundreds of effects, and filters that you can use to make your videos exciting and adventurous. The software gets updated frequently and with every release comes new features. If you are already a user of this app, you can simply update your app. However, if this is your first time, this post will give you the step by step guide on how to download Snapchat latest version.


Snapchat Updates: Overview

Snapchat is a popular social media application worldwide.  As of 2020, the platform reportedly had a total of 3 billion snaps daily with millions of active users. The idea behind Snapchat came from Reggie Brown. He had the thoughts of a social media platform that lets users post videos and photos which will disappear after some time. He then approached a colleague, Evan Spiegel, and together they went to Bobby Murphy who came up with the code. The three of them founded Snapchat in 2011 when they were still students at Stanford University. Since 2011, till now there have been lots of impressive changes to the software.

The latest version of Snapchat is totally different from what the platform looks like in its early stages. The platform has been updated many times just to keep meeting up with users’ needs and also exceeding their expectations. Snapchat is a multiplatform application as you can download it on your Android and IOS devices. What sets the app apart from other platforms is that when you upload a picture or video, it is only available for a short period of time before it disappears.

During its early times, Snapchat was designed as a private one-to-one sharing platform. This means you can only share photos with a person privately. However, with different updates and releases, the app is totally different. You can use it to record live videos, share videos, and create bitmoji avatars. Snapchat also works by letting you share videos or photos in your story for your followers to view. The latest version of Snapchat even promises to have better functions for users. There are tons of features that Snapchat has that make it a desirable application for youths today.

Downloading Snapchat latest version

Just like every other social media application, you can easily download Snapchat. If you want the application on your mobile device, then all you need to do is go to the Google Play store on Android or Apple Store on IOS devices. Type in Snapchat in the search box and the app will be displayed. Simply click on the install button and wait for your software to get downloaded. You will automatically get the latest version of Snapchat on your mobile device when you do this. If you already have the software on your phone, then follow the same steps but then click the update button. This will ensure your app has all of its latest features.

If you want to download the app using your computer, then you should visit https://www.snapchat.com/ via your web browser. Click on the download tab and you will be taken to a new page. Here you can input your phone number and the link generated will be sent to your phone. As easy as that! You can easily get it on your mobile devices following the steps above.

Features of Snapchat latest version

When you download or update to Snapchat latest version, you will have access to 5 new features which are:

  • Cancel Send: You will be able to cancel messages before they get sent to the recipient.
  • Favourite Stickers: Snapchat is working on introducing a section that will give you access to stickers you will like to use regularly.
  • Shared Story: With the latest version of Snapchat, you will be able to invite your loved ones to join your story
  • Friend checkup: This feature is to help users review their friend lists time and time and get rid of strangers.
  • Remix Stories: Just like other social media platforms, Snapchat is introducing this with its new version.


Snapchat latest version is proving to be the best release yet. It is bringing tons of features and tools that will keep making the platform exciting and interesting for users. You can download and sign up to begin your journey in the world of snaps.


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