How to Get Prezi Student Account

Prezi Student Account

Do you want to create better project presentations or do your assignment in the class with more facts and slides, then Prezi is the tool you need, so read on to know how to get the Prezi Student Account. And if you a teacher, and wish to engage your students fully in the class, Prezi lets you make zooming, moving, visually stunning presentations in any subject you teach.

What is Prezi?

Prezi helps you to arrange your thoughts and convey them in a simple way to create the needed impact quickly on your audience so that they could understand you completely. Also, it is a unique presentation software you can use on your desktop, to change how you share knowledge, tell stories, and inspire your audiences to take action. This software allows you to be at your creative best. And it has an uncountable canvas that you can alter to show the relationship of your main idea with limitless possibilities. Furthermore, the platform has a plan for individuals, businesses, educators, and Administrators.

For example, its EDU Plus plan is for students and educators to create beautiful presentations and to control who sees them. The plan also contains advanced presenter features and offline access. However, you need to submit proof of educational status, to start your 14-day FREE trial. While the EDU Teams plan is for educators and administrators. The plan has everything in the EDU Plus plan plus powerful analytics and collaboration tools. And if you already have a Prezi account but wish to change it to an Edu license, just sign in and then go to the Upgrade on Settings and License page to do so. Moreover, you can also opt for the Free basic plan if you do not wish to try the software with your credit card. So here are the steps you need to enable you to get the Prezi student account quickly.

How to get Prezi student account

Minimum system requirements for Prezi Next to run well

Windows: Windows 7 SP1 with the lowest of 4 GB RAM, Mac: OS X 10.10.5 with the lowest of 4 GB RAM, Note: Prezi does not run on Linux OS.

Steps to get Prezi student account

  1. Visit the Prezi website at and click on the sign up now, icon.
  2. Next, click on Try Prezi for free button.
  3. And select between the Edu Plus plan or EDu Teams. So, choose Edu plus for students and educators.
  4. And then click on start your free trial
  5. Also, sign up using your college or school email address. Note, that your email address must match your school’s domain to be accepted. So enter your email address and then click on the Verify button.
  6. Then, go and open your email account to view the verification request from Prezi
  7. Next, click on the link to verify your account. (use these documents like student ID, class roster, mention on school website)
  8. Furthermore, you need to set up your payment method. Choose your payment method and enter your card details and then click on the Subscribe Now button.
  9. Once your account is verified you can then, sign in to Prezi using your email and password that you have just created and begin to use Prezi.
  10. That is how to get a Prezi student account.
  11. Note that you need to cancel your subscription to avoid being charged.
  12. And to cancel, go to your account settings and select license, and then click on cancel subscription. Then answer a few questions and click continue.
  13. Then follow it up by asking for a refund within the 14 days trial
  14. You are then downgraded to the free account where you can create, share, and store beautiful presentations online that anyone can view.

Plans and Prices

You can choose out of these plans to suit your needs as an individual, business, student or educator using the price and their features as a guide.

The packages include:

  • Basic Free and Basic Plus at $15/mo.
Prezi Student Account
Prezi Basic Plans
  • then you have Individual standard at $5/mo, Individual plus at $15/mo and Individual premium at $59/mo.
Prezi Student Account
Prezi Individual Plans

Other plans include:

  • educational plus at $5 and Educational Team to Contact Support.
  • business plus at $ 15/mo, small teams 3-10 Licenses and 10 licenses and above.

Prezi Student Account: Advantages of Prezi Plus plan

If you would need to make advance presentation materials, then you need to use the software offline. Also, Prezi educational plus comes with privacy control settings and you can use the free trial for 14 days to evaluate whether you need it or not.

Prezi Student Account: Learn How to use the Prezi Software

If you want to maximize the Prezi 14 day free trial, start by visiting your personal Dashboard. Also, personalize your account settings, then create a presentation and share it with others. Additionally, you can integrate mobile and desktop apps and manage your teams. To learn more visit this page.

Prezi Student Account
Prezi User Interface

Prezi Student Account: Can you get Prezi Desktop Free?

Yes. You have a free version of the software although it has limited features. But you can use it at any time to create, store, and share exciting presentations online for others to see. Unfortunately, you cannot use it offline. But as a student or teacher, you could explore the options to use the product free.

Prezi Student Account: Conclusion

In this article, we discussed the method you can use to get a Prezi student account. It is not hard to do. Go to the Prezi website and sign up using the student and Teacher plan that costs $5 per month. Also, verify that you are a student or teacher and then enter your payment details to get access to the 14-day free trial on the edu plus plan.  But you can cancel and get a refund of your money provided you cancel your subscription within 14 days and ask for a refund too, within 14 days. Try it now.


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