Get the Grab Student Discount

  Filipino students don’t just get discounts on public transport, they’re entitled to a 20% discount on Grab, the ride-hailing app. If you want to get around in style, here’s how to get the Grab student discount. Who is eligible for Grab’s special discount? Filipino citizens who are enrolled in grade school, high school, and… Continue reading Get the Grab Student Discount

Microsoft Office for UK Students

Whatever course you’re doing, the chances are you’ll have used Microsoft Office when doing your assignments and presentations. The good news is, Microsoft Office for UK students is free! Here’s how to get it and the benefits of using it. Why use Microsoft Office? Create better documents Don’t settle for handing in a drab piece… Continue reading Microsoft Office for UK Students

The Best Student Discount Apps

College life isn’t cheap. Aside from the sky high tuition fees, there’s accommodation, study materials, and living expenses to pay for. That’s where student discounts come in. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular student discount apps that can help cut the cost of streaming music and TV as well as the all-important software… Continue reading The Best Student Discount Apps

Udemy for Students

Online learning has always been a popular choice among people looking for flexible learning. However in recent years with the pandemic and all the changes that brought, demand for online courses has skyrocketed. Udemy is an online learning platform that’s meeting a lot of that demand. Here’s our guide to Udemy for students. What is… Continue reading Udemy for Students

The Economist for Students

Whether you want an overview of current world events or you want to delve deeper into topics like business, politics, and finance, The Economist is a great read.  So is The Economist for students worth subscribing to? Let’s look. Why should students subscribe to The Economist? Covered something in a lecture or seminar that you… Continue reading The Economist for Students

Adobe Creative Cloud for Students

Need to get creative at school or college or developing a side hustle that you want to stand out? Adobe Creative Cloud for students gives you access to over 20+ creative apps. What’s even better, students can get over 65% off the Creative Cloud All Apps plan. what is Adobe Creative Cloud for students? Adobe… Continue reading Adobe Creative Cloud for Students

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