Download PTV Vissim for Students

PTV Vissim for students

PTV Vissim for students

PTV Vissim is traffic simulation software that’s used by traffic planners and engineers around the globe. The good news for students studying subjects like Urban Planning is that there’s a student version available. Here’s how to download PTV Vissim for students.

Would PTV Vissim be useful for me?

If you’re studying for any of these degrees, PTV Vissim would come in really handy:

Traffic engineering– the software will help with your study of transport planning and signal timing.

Urban planning-PTV Vissim will help you create 3D visualisations and help you communicate them to the public.

Environmental science– the software can model traffic emissions and help you understand how certain solutions could reduce those emissions.

PTV Vissim for students-what does it offer?

Students who use PTV Vissim will benefit from:

  • Real-world simulation: the software allows students to work with simulations based on real-life maps or generate simulations of road traffic patterns and flow.
  • Infrastructure planning: plan and make changes to transport schemes and create reports on how existing infrastructure could be improved.
  • Interactive learning: PTV Vissim has plenty of interactive training courses specifically for students. Learning is hands-on and enables students to understand how they can get the best out of the software.

How to download PTV Vissim for students

You can get the student version of PTV Vissim by following these steps:

  1. Visit the PTV Group website or PTV Vissim demo page.
  2. Go to the ‘Vision Traffic Suite for Students’ section.
  3. Download the functional limited trial version for free.
  4. Fill in the online form and click ‘submit’.
  5. You will receive an email with a link where you can download the latest student version of PTV Vissim.

Are there any limitations?

The student version of PTV Vissim is a functional limited trial version which means there are some restrictions. For example, a simulation run is restricted to 1800 seconds. Despite some limits in functionality, the software is a valuable learning tool for students who are doing degrees in urban planning, civil engineering, and environmental science disciplines.


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